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"Appropriately called Fortress, the map is modeled after the distinct architecture of a Moroccan Kasbah, and is designed to offer Operators a variety of tactics."
— Blog description[1]

Fortress is a map featured in the Operation Wind Bastion expansion for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.[2]


"For Operation Wind Bastion and following a written agreement with the resident Commander, Rainbow Six has secured permission to use the renowned fortress located in the Atlas Mountains. You’ll have the rare opportunity to test your skills inside a stunning mudbrick kasbah. Enjoy unprecedented roof access, but do try to stay focused despite the breathtaking oasis just next door."
— News description[3]

Map Layout

  • Fortress - First Floor
  • Fortress - Second Floor
  • Fortress - Roof





  • A map of Australia is projected on the projection screen in the Briefing Room, with a region near central Australia circled out in red. This was believed to be a hint towards an Australian season, which was confirmed by the announcement of Operation Burnt Horizon.[4]
  • A passport for one "Ellen Mackintosh M.D." can be found in the Briefing Room. Dr. Ellen Mackintosh was featured in the Outbreak Events as a target to be rescued during the level Sierra Veterans Wing. Details of the passport are consistent with details of Mackintosh shown in a document found in Outbreak cinematics.
  • In the Briefing Room, a drawing can be found hidden underneath a pile of destructible paper. The drawing depicts what appears to be Bayek from Assassin's Creed Origins with an eagle.
  • An ornate case similar to the one found in Tower can be found in Music Room. Destroying the box and throwing a drone inside the box reveals no hidden passageway, but instead a note saying "Tunnel under construction".
  • Destroying the lid of the piano in the Dining Room reveals a hidden picture showing two men and a woman inside what appears to be a racing track.
  • In the Infirmary, attacking an electronic eye chart hanged on one of its walls will reveal its contents. The optotypes of the eye chart spell out "Aim for their heads".
  • Two boxes of adhesive bandages marked "Operation Health Adhesive Bandages" can be found hidden inside an open drawer in the Infirmary, and can be found by destroying books and magazines that lie over the drawer.
  • Calendars with date April 14th circled out and marked "ED." can be found around the map. Similar calendars were found previously on Border, which included a teaser image for the Favela map before its release.
  • In the Cafeteria, the lid of a trash bin can be destroyed with gunfire. Moving a drone inside the trash bin shows a hidden crumpled map of an unknown structure, marked "PUP22 V.1.3-Alpha" with red felt tip pen.
  • In the Kitchen, a drone passageway is present underneath the oven, leading to the Courtyard. In the middle of the passageway is a hidden vertical shaft that a drone can jump through and into the oven. A hidden wood carving of a sword stabbed into the ground can be found, visible only from inside the oven. The combination of the sword and the fire is possibly a reference to Dark Souls, where bonfires with swords stabbed in them are a recurring object and iconic to the series.
  • A box of cereal marked "Tachocolate Puffs" and showing a cartoon version of Tachanka can be found inside the pantry in Kitchen.
  • Vending machine in arabic can be found on the map. These are marked with a QR code that says "Rainbow 6" when decoded.[5]
  • In the Museum, all portraits are accompanied by a box with an ornamental dagger, with the exception of Kaid's portrait, whose box is empty.
  • On the exterior East Tower, a weather vane showing Tachanka mounted on his Mounted LMG can be found.
  • Fortress makes a brief appearance in the teaser trailer for Operation Void Edge.


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