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"Fragmentation grenade that explodes shortly after the pin is pulled."
— In-game description

The Frag Grenade is an explosive grenade featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. When activated, the Attacker has a 4 second time period to throw the grenade. If not thrown after 3.5 seconds from activating it, the grenade will explode in their hand, killing them and damaging nearby players. Cooking can be cancelled by switching to a weapon.

Frag Grenades are very useful for room clearing, where they can drive out the Defenders from their defenses or kill them where they sit. Frag Grenades do 142 points of damage to Light Armored Operators, 120 to Medium Armored Operators, and 105 to Heavy Armored Operators. The Frag Grenade nearly guarantees killing any Operators instantly when in close proximity. An Operator wearing Rook's Armor Plates, however, will only be downed, consistent with all weapons and gadgets against it. Frag Grenades kill indiscriminately, meaning that friendly fire is an issue. A single bad rebound can severely injure or kill other Attackers, or even the Hostage.

Another use is for breaching walls and hatches, as the explosion can tear through destructible objects much like its alternative. The explosion will cause several smaller holes instead of one big one for most walls. For weak, single-layer walls, a hole slightly smaller than one from an Impact Grenade is made if it explodes up close. Frag Grenades breach hatches effectively.

As of the release of Operation Para Bellum's Technical Test Servers, an Operator cannot pick up a thrown grenade and throw it back again. Since the Frag Grenades explode on a fuse, it can be a good idea to "cook" a grenade in order to cut the enemy's chances of escaping its explosion. However, cooking a frag grenade for too long will cause it to explode in your hand. The reticle flashes while cooking the grenade to help with timing. One second after pulling the safety, the reticle will flash for four times every third of a second, then turn to quicker flashes one per every sixth of a second. To make a frag grenade explode almost immediately on contact, cook it for five flashes; to breach a wall like an impact grenade, cook for seven flashes. The Frag Grenade will still continue to cook and proceed to detonate even after an Operator holding it has died.

Like other throwable gadgets, getting hit directly by the Frag Grenade deals 5 points of damage.

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  • Contrary to popular belief and its realistic counterpart, the Frag Grenade explodes about 4 seconds after triggering and about 3.5 seconds after the pin is removed.
  • Frag Grenades don't have damage drop off for allies.

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