Fraternal Lamp
Location Canada
Date December 18, 2002
18:00 Hours
Objective Defuse bomb
Rescue hostages
Neutralize all terrorists
Next mission Operation: Derelict Iron
Previous mission Operation: Renegade Thorn

Renegade Thorn is the third mission of the Gameboy Advance game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective: Edit

Control - An unknown group of terrorists have seized an oil tanker off the north coast of Canada and are threatening to destroy it with explosives. Your mission is to board the tanker and neutralize the aggressors before they can trigger the explosive devices.

The hostages may be in the stern of the ship. Rescue them, but defusing the bombs is your top priority. The terrorist leader is on the bridge - he'll blow the ship if he finds out you're on board. Saving the captain and crew has to be considered secondary due to the bomb threat.

You'll be inserted near the bow, which is the most lightly patrolled area of the ship. Avoid detection as much as possible. Consider that some terrorists may have radios and give the alarm if they spot you.

Briefing Edit

John Clark - We know little about the group holding the ship except that they claim to be ecologists, and are threatening to blow the tanker to show the dangers of sea life destroyed by oil. They won't hesitate to blow the ship's tanks if they see you on board. If that happens, we'll have a new ecological disaster. Go in and neutralize this threat.

One more thing, Intel is beginning to uncover some interesting connections between the groups that are instigating these events. They'll let us know when they come across something definitive.

Mission success Edit

John Clark - Good work team. This was a close one. What is interesting is that there were Russians working with the terrorists on the ship, apparently in contact with the same organization providing Heulsbeck with weapons.

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