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"Every action builds our chances to win."
— Fuze

Shuhrat "Fuze" Kessikbayev (Russian: Шухрат Кессикбаев) is a REACT Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. He is unlocked at Development Milestone 10.


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A skilled Spetsnaz commando, Kessikbayev's specialty has always been the dismantling of enemy defenses through the use of his APM-6 Cluster Charges. This lead to his recruitment into Rainbow in 2015 and the success of dozens of anti-terrorism missions thereafter. Following the successful containment of the Chimera Parasite in 2018, the need for a dedicated organization arose to combat threats like the Parasite, resulting in the formation of REACT. Kessikbayev's knack for using improvised materials in field-expedient applications won him a spot with REACT. Despite opposition from the Russian Government for Spetsnaz operatives to join the unit, Kessikbayev and fellow operatives Alexandr "Tachanka" Senaviev and Lera "Finka" Melnikova joined anyway due to the reemergence of the Parasite and the threat it posed to humanity.

Psychological Profile[]

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Assessing Kessikbayev's skills: He is an excellent sharpshooter. He specializes in breaching enemy defenses and has a reputation for improvisation in the field. Creative engineering skills will be vital for incursions against the Chimera.

Speculating on Kessikbayev's desire to join REACT: It may be fueled by his perception that his country is being short-sighted about the threat and the possibilities (QUERY: "seat at the table"). More data required)


Gameplay Description[]

Gadget REACT Cluster Charge.png

Cluster Charge

A Heavy Armored Operator, Fuze carries three APM-6 "Matryoshka" Cluster Charges capable of clearing rooms by deploying five sub-grenades through destructible structures such as walls, floors, and windows. At level 7, he carries a fourth charge, and upgrades all charges to both release faster and spit out two more bombs. At level 10, he regains a cluster charge every 60 seconds.

  • The Cluster Charge can be deployed on any destructible or reinforced surface. When activated, it launches five (7 at level 7) sub-grenades into a room. When deployed on a reinforced surface, the Cluster Charge will take longer to activate.
    • Only one Cluster Charge can be deployed at a time. Attempting to set more down will only result in the original Cluster Charge being detonated.
  • Fuze takes 3 seconds to deploy a Cluster Charge, improved at level 2 to roughly 2.75 seconds. (Test for confirmation?)
  • During the deployment time Fuze can be killed and the Cluster Charge will be immediately removed upon death.
  • The Cluster Charge can be destroyed by any source of damage after being deployed (e.g. explosive damage, gunfire, melee strikes, etc).
    • The Cluster Charge can be destroyed if the surface it is deployed on is destroyed.
  • When a Cluster Charge is activated, it punches a hole on the surface it is deployed on, at its deployed location. This activates quicker at level 7.
  • Fuze cannot activate the Cluster Charge when in a DBNO state.
  • A Cluster Charge's sub-grenades are launched in a line in front of the charge, going from right to left, before detonating in the order they were launched in.
  • Each of the sub-grenades has an explosion radius of 4.2 meters.


Level Image Name Description Cosmetic
Cluster Charge.png
Cluster Charge Deploys remotely detonated charges on walls, releasing cluster grenades on the other side upon activation. N/A
Cluster Charge.png
Reinforcements Reinforcements and barricades are deployed 35% faster. Cluster charge deployment speed increased by 15%. HZ-Tarp Headgear
3 Arsenal Update Gains access to the AK-12 assault rifle and the PMM handgun. N/A
Armor IV Incoming damage reduced by 30%. N/A
5 Gear Up Carries 1 additional REACT explosive. HZ-Tarp Uniform
6 Arsenal Update Gains access to the SASG-12 shotgun. N/A
Cluster Charge.png
Amped Up! Charge count increased to 4. Grenade count increased to 7 and they are released faster. Status Symbol Uniform
Speed III Movement speed increased by 25%. N/A
9 Arsenal Update Gains access to the Spear .308 assault rifle. N/A
Cluster Charge.png
Cluster Refill 1 Charge is now replenished every 60 seconds. Status Symbol Headgear


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