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The G36 is a gas operated, 5.56×45mm assault rifle, designed in the early 1990s by Heckler & Koch in Germany as a replacement for the heavier 7.62mm G3 battle rifle. While the original G36 doesn't appear in the Rainbow Six universe, several variants do appear:

  • G36K - a carbine variant with a shorter barrel (fitted with an open-type flash suppressor) and a shorter forend, which includes a bottom rail that can be used to attach tactical accessories.
  • G36C - a subcarbine model that has a shorter barrel than the G36K and has either a four-prong open-type flash hider or a birdcage type flash hider.
  • MG36 - a light machine gun variant of the G36 rifle. The MG36 is a light machine gun manufactured by Heckler and Koch that chambers the 5.56x45mm NATO round.
  • SL8 - a semi-automatic rifle and the civilian version of the Heckler & Koch G36. The SL8-2 is a rare variant that was designed as the new DMR for the German Bundeswehr, although in the end it was not adopted. It was to be issued with bipod and G36 type 3.5× optic.