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The G36C is a weapon featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas.

Story and Terrorist Hunt[]

The G36C is an average weapon in story mode. Ammunition for it is not that prevalent with this weapon since Terrorists barely use it. Players will often find themselves only resupplying ammo at supply caches. The weapon's sights are good, and offer lots of peripheral vision, so another sight is not recommended. The G36C is essentially a 552 Commando with lower damage and penetration, but with better accuracy and range. The weapon is extremely controllable in full-auto fire, so a Laser Sight is a perfect match for the weapon, if the player should find themselves in a close quarter situation. It is the character Jung Park's signature "loud" weapon whenever the player is with him.


The weapon in multiplayer performs rather unfavorably compared to others in the game. It is unlocked by default, but other weapons pass this up by a long shot. Players will constantly find themselves killed repeatedly in close quarter encounters, but the weapon performs ideally at range. Engaging enemies at a medium to long range is the best option for this weapon.

Weapon Attachments[]


  • The fire selector of the weapon is incorrectly locked to the safe setting even when switching fire modes.
  • The G36C's iron sights completely disappear upon mounting an optic to it.