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"Shoots explosive projectiles that detonate on impact with surfaces and destroy bulletproof gadgets."
— In-game description

The GONNE-6 is a Hand Cannon featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Crimson Heist expansion.


The GONNE-6 fires a single explosive round that destroys gadgets and deals minimal damage to Operators (both Attackers and Defenders.) The explosive round of the GONNE-6 travels in a straight line once fired and detonates on impact. The hipfire spread of the weapon is entirely accurate and the projectile has no gravity affecting it, thus meaning it can travel until it hits any given surface. The explosive shot will destroy any gadget it comes into contact with, including bulletproof gadgets such as:

The projectile from the GONNE-6 won't destroy Aruni's Surya Gates since they are indestructible in all methods of damage. Instead, the projectile can only disable the Surya Gate for 30 seconds.

The explosion of the GONNE-6 deals a maximum of 10 damage to Light Armored Operators, 5 damage to Medium Armored Operators, and 3 damage to Heavy Armored Operators. Direct impact from the explosive round will deal a further 10 points of damage. The blast radius of the explosive shot is roughly 0.5 meters for bulletproof gadgets and just about 0.75 meters for non-bulletproof gadgets.

The GONNE-6's explosive shot will create a small hole in an unreinforced wall nearly the size of one of Hibana's X-KAIROS pellets. An unreinforced hatch, however, can be destroyed in one shot.

Unlike other gadgets, the GONNE-6 takes up a Secondary Weapon Slot, meaning that players are forced to make a conscious decision whether or not they want to take a greater risk in gunfights in exchange for utility denial, since no reliable sidearm will be available if their Primary Weapon runs out of ammo. The GONNE-6 isn't able to equip any kind of attachments, whereas a pistol option would.

The GONNE-6 only has a single shot and no reserve ammo. Unlike other explosives, the GONNE-6 does not knock back Ballistic Shields used by Clash, Montagne, Blitz, and Fuze. Explosive rounds are not affected by surfaces electrified by Bandit or Kaid.

Like other secondary options, the GONNE-6 is capable of equipping any universal and seasonal weapon skin.


  • When active, Jäger's Active Defense Systems will destroy explosive rounds that enter its range since the explosive rounds are considered projectiles. It will then be disabled for 10 seconds before being able to destroy another projectile.
  • If a GONNE-6 explosive round enters the range of one of Wamai's Mag-NETs, it will be pulled away from its original trajectory to detonate at the location of the Mag-NET, destroying it in the process. This is because the explosive rounds fired from the GONNE-6 are considered projectiles.
  • When active, Aruni's Surya Gates will destroy explosive rounds that come in contact with its lasers. The Surya Gate will then be disabled for 30 seconds before it can be manually reactivated. The explosive shot cannot destroy the Surya Gate's generators.
  • The explosive shot fired from the GONNE-6 can instantly destroy both standard Barricades and Castle's Armor Panels.



Concept Art[]


  • The name of the GONNE-6 is derived from medieval era hand cannons. Possibly also named after the weapon of the same name from the Discworld Novel, "Men At Arms"
  • This weapon has received extremely negative reception due to only having one shot, being mostly useless, and replacing several fan favorite sidearms of numerous attackers.
  • Despite only having one round, it does have a reload animation which could be seen in Terrorist Hunt by resupplying from ammo crates.