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The GONNE-6 is a Hand Cannon featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Crimson Heist expansion.


The GONNE-6 fires a single explosive round that destroys gadgets and deals light damage to Operators. The explosive round of the GONNE-6 detonates on impact, and will destroy all gadgets within a short range, including bulletproof gadgets such as Deployable Shields, Bulletproof Cameras, Maestro's Evil Eyes, Castle's Armor Panels, and Melusi's Banshees. The explosion of the GONNE-6 deals a maximum of 10 damage to Light Armored Operators. Direct impact from the explosive round will deal a further 10 points of damage.

The GONNE-6's explosive shot will create a small hole in an unreinforced wall nearly the size of one of Hibana's X-KAIROS pellets. An unreinforced hatch, however, can be destroyed in one shot.

Unlike other gadgets, the GONNE-6 takes up a Secondary Weapon Slot, meaning that players are forced to make a conscious decision whether or not they want to take a greater risk in gunfights in exchange for utility denial, since no reliable sidearm will be available if their Primary Weapon runs out of ammo. The GONNE-6 isn't able to equip any kind of attachments, whereas a pistol option would.

The GONNE-6 only has a single shot and no reserve ammo. Unlike other explosives, the GONNE-6 does not knock back Ballistic Shields used by Clash, Montagne, Blitz, and Fuze. Explosive rounds are not affected by surfaces electrified by Bandit or Kaid.


  • When active, Jäger's Active Defense Systems will destroy explosive rounds that enter its range. It will then be disabled for 10 seconds before being able to destroy another projectile.
  • If a GONNE-6 explosive round enters the range of one of Wamai's Mag-NETs, it will be pulled away from its original trajectory to detonate at the location of the Mag-NET, destroying it in the process.



Concept Art


  • The name of the GONNE-6 is derived from "handgonne," a term that has been used throughout history to refer to hand cannons.
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