Gabe Daniels is a character features in the Eagle Watch expansion of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. He appears in the mission Operation Little Wing.


Gabe Daniels attended the University of San Diego. By 1961, he had earned a BS Structural Engineering, a MA Architectural, and a MS Mathematics. Daniels later became the Chief Engineer of Launch Pad 20C at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He led the development process for structural components and assemblies for several American and French launch pads. His book "Principles of Aerospace Architecture", has been used as a guide throughout the world for the construction of new launch sites. Daniels retired in 1993 and became a consultant to various private and government organizations.

Eagle WatchEdit

On March 10, 2001, the BOTHRA terrorist organization seized control of the russian space shuttle Buran in Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. They also took an international crew hostage and started to make threats to execute them. Gabe Daniels assisted Rainbow in an operation to stop the terrorists by divulging how to infiltrate the facility.

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