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Gary Kenyon is a Rainbow helicopter pilot from New Zealand.

Gary, who pilots Bravo Team's Eurocopter Panther in Rainbow Six Vegas: 2, is a veteran pilot of both the New Zealand and British Royal Air Forces. He appears to be a middle-aged man, aware of the risks and courageous enough to keep his aircraft steady when Bravo drops into a combat zone. He keeps his helicopter under control even when fired upon, and manages to safely drop Bravo Team when Sharon is critically injured. He saves Bishop's life in the refinery, dragging him/her unconscious to the chopper after Gabriel Nowak's treacherous ambush.

He risks his position in Rainbow by disobeying direct orders from Six as he manages to get a chopper and transport Bravo Team to Nowak's location, but it is likely that he receives forgiveness for his actions just like Bishop.