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Staff Sergeant George Tomlinson is a character that appears in Rainbow Six.


George Tomlinson enlisted in the US Army in 1988 and attended basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He later served as a special ops trooper in the Green Berets for six years before he was drafted into Delta Force. Tomlinson was so prideful of being a member of Delta that after breaking two ribs during a training incident, he didn't inform the medics of the injury for fear of being thought of as weak by the rest of his team. Despite his training, Tomlinson never conducted a takedown in the field while serving with Delta.

When he was not training, Tomlinson and his team mostly sat around and talked about the terrorists they were supposed to deal with and what made them tick. Understanding their motivations ultimately made them easier to kill by enabling Delta to predict their actions and weaknesses. This aspect of his job led Tomlinson to pursue a college degree and a major in psychology. At some point, Tomlinson married and had four kids.

Rainbow SixEdit

In 1999, Tomlinson was recruited by the newly formed Rainbow counter-terrorism unit. He was stationed at Hereford Base in England and was placed on Team 2 under Domingo Chavez. He and his new teammates conducted various training exercises in order to prepare for their first mission. During this time, Tomlinson was semipermanently paired with Louis Loiselle and the two grew to work so well together that they could almost read each others minds.

Three weeks later, a hostage situation erupted at a commercial bank in Bern, Switzerland after what appeared to be a robbery gone wrong. Chavez and Price were called to the Rainbow communication room to review the situation alongside John Clark, Bill Tawney, and Sam Bennett. It soon escalated with the death of a hostage whos body was dragged outside by Hans Richter before he was escorted to safety by police. Chavez and Price rejoined with the rest of Team 2 and deployed to the bank.

Upon touching down at the airport, Team 2 was met by Marius Roebling who gave them a brief overview of the situation. Afterward, Team geared up and disguised themselves as Swiss Police. Once Team 2 arrived to handle the situation, Richter was questioned by Eddie Price. By showing Richter old photos of known German terrorists, Richter was able to identity Ernst Model and Erwin Guttenach as two of the terrorists inside the bank. Chavez then sent Paul Bellow to review audio tapes, Tim Noonan to plant surveillance cameras, and Roebling to have the police hold a press conference to distract the terrorists.

A short time later, Noonan's surveillance cameras revealed that the building could only be entered through the front and rear doors. Chavez's plan called for Scotty McTyler and Paddy Connolly to breach from the rear. A second later, Chavez and Price would breach the front left door while Tomlinson and Loiselle would breach the front right door as the terrorists were facing the wrong way. Dieter Weber and Homer Johnston would act as sniper overwatch while Julio Vega would be on standby with his machine gun incase the raid went south. Shortly thereafter, Model made his final threat to kill another hostage in thirty minutes should his demand for airport transport not be met. Once Model's deadline expired, Chavez signaled Team 2 to breach as they had planned and had Price take point. Price killed Model during the raid with a shot to the head. Their mission a success, Price was thanked by the director as the team packed up their gear and returned to Hereford Base for the after-action report.

A few weeks later, Team 2 was deployed on their second mission in Vienna, Austria where Erwin Ostermann and his staff had been taken hostage at his home. The leaders of the terrorists, Hans Fürchtner and Petra Dortmund demanded that several high profile criminals be released from prison and that they be given a helicopter transport to the nearby international airport, less they start killing the hostages. The open layout of the building and number of hostages prevented Team 2 from conducting a direct assault. With their deadline fast approaching, Chavez decided to give them what they wanted. A few minutes before midnight, Eddie Price arrived at the home disguised as the getaway helicopter pilot. Chavez waited until the remaining terrorists had left the building and ordered Team 2 to engage and eliminate them which ended the mission in success.

Weeks later, Tomlinson sprained his Achilles tendon during a training exercise. Paul Bellow informed him that while he was fully mission capable, there was nothing that could be done to the injury except to let it heal. As with his time in Delta, Tomlinson did not want to appear weak in front of his teammates and attempted to ignore the pain and join Team 2 during morning physical training. Chavez noted his obvious pain and ordered him to stop being so stubborn and let his injury heal. Tomlinson agreed but reassured his boss that he would have no problem deploying with Team 2 on missions.


  • He noted that he until he joined Rainbow, he was never second-best at anything since he started playing little league baseball as a child.
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