Giovanni Bagattini is a character that appears in the Athena Sword expansion of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield.


Giovanni Bagattini is an Italian businessman in Sicily who secretly works as a freelance arms dealer. At some point, he became affiliated with Alvaro Gutierrez's associates. In the summer of 2007, he worked out a deal with Riccardo Miccini to use his warehouse in Palermo, Italy to store VX nerve agent weapons and other illegal substances. Gutierrez's associates intended for Bagattini to sell the weapons to them in Athens which would then be used to create an international incident on Cyprus. Bagattini was able to deliver one barrel of the chemical. Before he could deliver the rest, Rainbow conducted a raid of the warehouse on June 29th. Miccini was captured by Rainbow a few weeks later and gave Bagattini's name in order to secure leniency with the Sicilian authorities.

Rainbow intelligence then contacted Bagattini who agreed to turn himself in for questioning. Before he could be picked up, however, his former associates discovered his treachery and took him hostage. On July 19th, Rainbow located and rescued Bagattini in an apartment near the Fortress of St. Ivan in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Bagattini informed Rainbow of his connection to Gutierrez's associates. He also revealed that the terrorists raided the castle in Milan in order to secure funding to purchase the chemical weapons from him. Notably, Bagattini did not inform them that a barrel of the nerve agent had already been delivered prior to the warehouse raid. This fact was referenced by Alvaro Gutierrez who had sent Rainbow a taunting message of an upcoming surprise. Bagattini was transferred to the Hotel D'Erletter in Monaco to recuperate for further questioning. Despite this, members of the People's Social Nationalist Party assaulted the building in an attempt to assassinate him. Rainbow was able protect him and repelled the attack.

On August 4th, Gutierrez's associates attempted to recover the chemical weapons in Miccini's warehouse. Rainbow was able to stop the terrorists and neutralized several of the PSNP ringleaders. Rainbow learned of Bagattini's failure to mention the delivery of a chemical barrel following a complete inventory of the warehouse. On August 11th, Rainbow tracked the barrel to Athens. They discerned that Gutierrez intended to have the chemical agent dispersed in a similar manner to Nikola Gospic's failed attack in Rio de Janeiro. Following a fierce firefight with the remainder of the PSNP, Rainbow successfully prevented the chemical dispersal.

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