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The Global Liberation Front is a terrorist organization appearing in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown. The GLF has significantly different roles in the console and PC version of Rainbow Six: Lockdown. In the console version, it servers as the only terrorist organization that Rainbow engages with. In the PC version, other terrorist organizations take on the GLF's role in the story.


The GLF is comprised of various leftist, anarchist, and third-world organizations opposed to the West. The group is led by Bastian Vanderwaal, with terrorist cells of the group scattered all over the world. In 2009, the group stole a nanotech aerosol virus named Legion. If exposed, the virus causes massive hemorrhaging and has a 100% mortality rate. Rainbow has been tasked to stop the looming threat of the virus.


On March 29th, 2009, the Global Liberation Front and their leader Bastian Vanderwaal raided the South African tech company, LNR Anderson. The company had been developing an illegal bioweapon called Legion which they had intended to sell on the black market. With the deadly virus now in the hands of the GLF, they continued its development and started selling it to other terrorist organizations.

On June 10th the GLF launched an attack on Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, Scotland. They took several hostages and threatened to execute a hostage every hour until their demands were met. Of these hostages was Fiona Cathcart, the niece of Rainbow's Alistair Stanley. To further deter law enforcement, the terrorists also planted a bomb inside the facility. Alpha Team was able to infiltrate the building and rescue the hostages. Despite this, a group of terrorists escaped with the British Prime Minter of Defense Adam Shields and the US Deputy Director of Homeland Security, George Burdell. Alpha Team proceeded to track and capture the terrorists at the nearby Scotland University without incident.

Interrogations of the terrorists revealed that the GLF had a secret training facility underneath a brandy distillery in Olivet, France. On June 27th, Clark tasked Alpha Team to enter the facility and capture its leader, Derek Mergen. Before Chavez could reach Mergen, however, Mergen was shot by his own men in an attempt to prevent him from giving Rainbow information. Critically injured, Mergen was immediately transferred to a local hospital in Paris for surgery. While his surgery was successful, the surgeon warned Clark that Mergen would be unable to be moved for the next 48 hours. Even worse, GLF forces had converged on the hospital in an attempt to either rescue Mergen or silence him. Alpha Team successfully able to repel the attack.

Clark interrogated Mergen after his recovery and discovered that the GLF had something big planned in the next few weeks, though Mergen had not been informed of the details. Seeking confirmation, Clark sent Alpha Team to secure and search a GLF hideout in Paris on July 10. Inside, Chavez found Intel that confirmed Mergen's statements but held no concrete details of the plan. Clark interrogated Mergen once again and was told that the GLF cell leader Herman Krieger would be conducting a major arms with Francos Rimbaud to supply this attack. He then stated that the deal would take place on July 11th at the docks in Calais, France. Clark coordinated with the GIGN and dispatched Alpha Team to interrupt the deal. Unfortunately, the GLF had known that Rainbow would intervene. With the element of surprise gone, Chavez was unable to stop Rimbaud, Krieger, and their forces from escaping on a channel ferry. Both men then took all the passengers hostage and threatened to detonate a bomb onboard should any rescue attempts be made. Despite this, Clark tasked Alpha Team with staging a rescue attempt. With Dieter Weber providing sniper support, Alpha team was able to clear the deck and made their way down lower levels of the ship. Krieger was killed in the ensuring firefight but Chavez successfully captured Rimbaud and disarmed the bomb.

On August 7th, Nicolai Yazhov contacted Clark, stating that he wanted to make a deal to sell him information about the GLF. He then told Clark to have Rainbow meet him in an old warehouse in Marseilles, France. Upon arriving, however, Yazhov betrayed Rainbow and escaped as Alpha Team was ambushed by GLF forces. After dispatching the GLF forces, Chavez proceeded to track Yazhov through the streets of Marseilles. During this time, Eddie Price was critically injured, angering Chavez. With his capture imminent, the GLF attempted to silence Yazhov and shot him. Before they could finish, Chavez was able dispatch the terrorists. Pleading, Yazhov informed Chavez of an arms dealer that he had met recently, Faisal Amidan.

After further interrogations, Yazhov eventually revealed to Clark that Amidan was working out of Malzir, Algeria. He also revealed that Amidan owned an apartment in the town would be out on business on August 19th. Clark sent Alpha Team to secure possible Intel at the compound but noted that the area would be heavily guarded with GLF forces, making extraction impossible. Against all odds, Alpha team was able to secure the information. It revealed that Bastian Vanderwaal was behind the ambush in Marseilles and the theft of the Legion virus. During Alpha Team's escape attempt from Amidan's compound, Weber's helicopter was shot down and he was captured. With NATO declaring Weber an acceptable loss, Clark was unable to order Alpha Team to rescue him and instead ordered them to return to Hereford Base. Defying Clark's order, Chavez led Alpha Team down a series of tunnels and found a tortured but alive Weber.

After gathering intelligence on Vanderwaal, Rainbow traced him to an estate in Catalan Bay, Gibraltar. On August 22nd, Alpha Team was sent to infiltrate the estate and recover any information about the GLF's next move. After making their way through the facility, Chavez was able to recover Intel from Vanderwaal's computer. It revealed that the GLF's big plan was to attack the NATO Summit in Barcelona, Spain, infect the world leaders with Legion, and broadcast it to the world. Later that day, the GLF launched their attack and took the world leaders hostage. Among the hostages was Bill Tawney who was able to send Clark an encrypted messaged, confirming that Legion was onsite. Due to the information they received from Vanderwaal's estate, Alpha Team successfully stopped the attack.

The next day, Rainbow tracks Vanderwaal's location to an old castle on Cala Brescana, Menorca. Alpha Team landed on the island and was able to disable the island security system. Roger McAllen and Ayana Yacoby were critically injured in the process and Vanderwaal had yet to be found. After interrogating several GLF terrorists, they discovered Vanderwaal's plan to escape the island and unleash Legion into the water supply of a major city somewhere in Europe. Fighting off the remaining GLF forces, Chavez corned Vanderwaal. After a fierce firefight between the two men, Chavez shot and killed Vanderwaal, ending the GLF's reign of terror.