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The Grunt is an Archæan that appears in the Outbreak event of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction.


A Human Grunt

Grunts are the most common organism produced by the Chimera Parasite in response to threats within its environment, similar to white blood cells. During the initial infestation stage of the Chimera Parasite, Grunts are produced by infecting and mutating humans. This causes infected individuals to grow carapace spikes out of their skin and drives them insane. When alerted to threats, human Grunts will mutate further, resulting in the total replacement of hands with spikes and tendrils covering a large portion of their bodies.

Once the Chimera Parasite has effectively assimilated enough organic matter, it will use Sprawl to start producing Archæan Grunts in lieu of human Grunts. An Archæan Grunt features a more alien appearance but retains the same role of protecting the Parasite from threats in its environment. They also retain two hardened upper limb spikes which act as its primary form of attack.

Analysis by REACT scientists have found that Archæan Grunts have a muscular or analogous system that may approximate arthropods. Their hardened Sprawl shell is activated by neuronal network connected to clusters agglomerated at weak points (ioints). The nature of an Archæan Grunt's sensory apparatus is unknown but it has been confirmed to be located in the creature's head. Damage to this weak point will cause an Archæan Grunt to discentegrate back into the environment.


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Human Grunts and Archæan Grunts can be heard muttering or shouting. When alerted to threats, they become extremely aggressive and will release a howl to alert other Chimera organisms. The aggressive nature of Grunts is further enhanced by their tedenacy to rush after and overwhelm threats in swarms. They will use their spike limbs to attack threats and will not stop unless they have loss sight of the threat or have been neutralized.



Outbreak Grunt.jpeg

Grunts are the common enemies featured in the Outbreak event of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. They are present on the field upon entering the map or spawning in during in-mission events.

Grunts start off "undisturbed" which is when they are most vulnerable. When alerted, they demorph as alien tendrils cover their body, making them hostile and more durable. Grunts specialize in swarming en masse due to their numbers.

They can also be heard talking or shouting when undisturbed.


Extraction Grunt.jpeg

Grunts are Tier 1 enemies that appear in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. They are the most common enemies encountered within subzones. Grunts can be killed with a few shots to the weak point located in their head. They will react to nearby noise by investigating and will howl to alert other enemies if they see a player. When alerted, they will rush players and use their spikes to deal large amounts of damage. They can quickly overwhelm players with their speed and when in groups. When the Blinding Spore Carrier Mutation is active, Grunts and Spikers can be seen with Blinding Spores attached to their bodies. These spores will attach to players when carriers get too close and will detonate immediately.

The Elite Grunt can be found on higher difficulties and in several different objectives. Not only are they faster than normal grunts but have more health and deal more damage with each hit.

Feral Grunt[]

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Feral Grunt.png

A Feral Grunt is a special variant of a normal Grunt. It can be identified by the pink tendrils and veins covering its body. Unlike a normal Grunt, a Feral Grunt is faster, can jump further, and has the ability to run on walls, similar to a Breacher's movement. A Feral Grunt can be slowed down by a Glue Grenade or stopped entirely with a Stun Grenade or Paralysis Grenade. Like a normal Grunt, a Feral Grunt's weak point is their head, so slowing them down will leave it more vulnerable.


Grunt Management

Grunt Tagging
Objective Ping an unalerted Grunt. 6,000 XP

1 Codex Entry
Brief "Grunts are the most common type of enemy you'll encounter. You need to learn how to recognize one." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Grunts"

"Jordan, You mentioned the Archaeans reactions and that got me thinking about individual intelligence. We need to study Grunt behavior up close. Since we think they're talking to one another. What are they saying?" - Mira

Aim for the Head
Objective Kill 5 Grunts with their Weak Points. Charms Logo Rare.pngTargeted Charm

6,000 XP
Brief "A headshot is the best way to kill a Grunt. Aim for their head for a one-bullet victory." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Spores and Fungi"

Eliza, Your mushroom hunch came back with some interesting results. Mycellum filaments found on the fungi behave like our brain's neural network. I'm waiting on INDEX and the Biochem lab to see if Chimera works this way too." - Mira

Base Samples
Objective Kill or Assist killing 15 Grunts. 6,000 XP
Brief "Even the lowest ranking enemy soldier can cut an Operator down. Grunts move fast and their direct attacks can cause severe damage." - Mira
Logbook Tactical NY-387

"Ash mentioned that testing intelligence in chimpanzees is done with experiments on problem-solving and tool use. So we need to compare the Grunts in a similar way. We need to capture a specimen! INDEX will help us run some tests." - Mira

Core Performance

Objective Complete 3 Objectives. Charms Logo Common.pngKeycard Charm

7,500 XP
Brief "A great deal of preparation goes into Objectives. Make sure to look at the Objectives' list in the Incursion Brief to prepare yourself accordingly." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis NY-006542: "Grunt Intelligence"

"Initiating series of tests on Chimera Archæan Grunt specimen following request from Dr. Elena Maria Alvarez. Behavioral comparative tests between Chimera Archæan Grunt and Pan troglodytes (Chimpanzee). Neural comparative tests between Chimera [Undefined] Spores and Mycelia Fungi." - INDEX

Getting Sneaky

Well Prepared
Objective Kill or Assist killing 3 enemies with a Suppressor equipped. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngPatina Weapon Skin
7,500 XP
Brief "Suppressors dampen weapon sounds, reducing the chance of alerting distant enemies. However, they inflict less damage to the target." - Thermite
Logbook Research Update: "Grunt Intelligence"

"To Eliza and Elena, have you read the INDEX results? No sings of individual adaptive behaviors in either the Spiker or Grunt. I mean we should be relieved at least. Right?" - Thermite



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