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"GSG 9 LMG, accurate in short range. Capable of long range controlled fire."
— In-game description

The G8A1 is a light machine gun featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by IQ and Amaru.[1]


The G8A1 is the Bundeswehr and Bundespolizei designation of the Heckler & Koch HK11, a 7.62mm magazine-fed general purpose machine gun from Germany. appears in Rainbow Six Siege. Despite the in-game designation, this weapon is a hybrid of the 5.56mm belt-fed Heckler & Koch HK23 and the 5.56mm mag-fed Heckler & Koch HK13: The magazine well is a key feature of the HK13, but the receiver design, with its longer ejection port and a large, tubular brass deflector, is almost never found on the mag-fed HK machine guns, and instead comes from the belt-fed HK machine guns like the HK23. It has a G3 rear sight and added rails.

The G8A1 has a fast firing rate and utilises a 50-round drum magazine, allowing it to reload faster than those that use belt-feed systems. Combined with its fast firing rate of 850, this allows the G8A1 to shine with the assault rifles, to an extent, whilst giving much greater firepower.

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  • The G8A1 is modeled with the X Products X-91 50-round drum magazine.
  • When compared to the V308, the use of significantly smaller drum magazines would suggest the G8A1 is being used in a 5.56 NATO magazine-fed configuration, a possibility since the HK21's design allows for modular caliber conversions.

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