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"Deployable charge capable of breaching a medium hole in breakable and reinforced surfaces."
— In-game Description

The Hard Breach Charge is a gadget featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Shadow Legacy expansion. It is available for several Attacking Operators and allows for the breach of reinforced walls and hatches.


The Hard Breach Charge is capable of being placed on all destructible surfaces. Taking 2 seconds to place, it cannot be activated remotely. Instead, the gadget's fuse will start to countdown once the placement animation is complete as the Operator will pull the fuse tab. Unlike other hard breaching gadgets such as Thermite's Exothermic Charge, the gadget features a longer fuse, detonating at 4 seconds. The slow fuse time and the obvious noise the charge creates makes it easy for Defenders to locate the charge and react quickly. Once detonated, it creates a small hole that can be crouched or vaulted through if placed low enough to the floor. Like other gadgets, the Hard Breach Charge is susceptible to being disabled or destroyed prior to detonation by gadgets such as Mute's Signal Disruptors or Bandit's Shock Wire. Standing on or near a Hard Breach Charge will result in 5 points of damage. The blast radius of the Hard Breach Charge is small, dealing damage only if an Operator is within a half meter distance.


  • The Hard Breach Charge underwent many major changes during its development. [1]
  • The MK1 design was smaller, functioning like a circular saw in a two part deployment. It had intense game design restrictions, no explosives, no electronics, no interaction with the in-game electricity, no interaction with jammers, multi-user gadget, clear feedback on both sides, long interact time, and more.
  • The MK2 design was created at the end of 2019 due to the many gameplay restrictions of the MK1 design, redesigning the gadget to be a handheld collapsible gadget, much like the Breach Charge. It featured a pentagon shape with contextual lights to inform players that it was ready to detonate, with each light going out to show progression of detonation. It also had flame VFX indicators to show Defenders how far through the detonation sequence the gadget was in, similar to the live build.
  • The MK3 design was a refinement of the MK2. It was slightly smaller and had all wiring obstructions moved from the center to the edge of the gadget. Visual look of the gadget changed the use of tape out for zipties, and joints out for flexible tubing.
  • The MK4 design gave the gadget a square shape due to issues with the previous design's pentagonal shape, primarily in the need for the breached hole to be square. LED lights were replaced with conical shaped charges which would create small explosive VFXs in a circular pattern on both sides to telegraph progress of detonation to both Attackers and Defenders.
    • The MK4 design ultimately went into development to become the live visual look of the gadget.


Early Designs[]