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"The CTU training grounds of the first and most iconic CTU.This is where SAS agents learn their craft and as such, it is a patchwork of plywood targets, sandbags, barbed wire, and other obstacles. One of the most archetypal examples of siege gameplay."
— Ubisoft Description

Hereford is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Formerly a non-flying station of the Royal Air Force from World War II to the end of the 20th century, It was redeveloped for use as a training ground for the Special Air Service.


Home of the legendary British SAS, this training ground features:

  • 3 Attacker spawning locations
    • Training Ground
    • Barracks Yard
    • Shooting Range
  • 3 Defender objective locations
    • Armory
    • Master Bedroom
    • Storage
  • 4 Trap doors*
  • Note that these trap doors are all access points to objective locations below them. Whether you are on the attacking or on the defending side, you should pay close attention to these hotspots.
  • Red walls are completely destructible and you can navigate through them.

Floor Maps

  • Hereford - Basement
  • Hereford - Ground Floor
  • Hereford - First Floor
  • Hereford - Second Floor
  • Hereford - Roof


  • The northern wooden wall/gate of the Basement (the "Delivery Access"), the northern wall/gate of the Second Floor (on the terrace), and the western wall/gate of the first floor (on garage top) do not have any supports inside them, and thus allows players to destroy and navigate through them with gunfire, unlike other walls which require explosions to destroy the supports inside and allowing players to move through.

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