Hero Claw
Hero Claw
Location Moscow, Russia
Date March 22, 2002
23:30 Hours
Objective Neutralize all terrorists
Next mission Operation: Ebony Horse
Previous mission Operation: Frost Light
Hero Claw is the sixteenth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective:Edit

Information provided by Barsukov has revealed that Kutkin is planning to personally deliver the two remaining nuclear devices to Vezirzade's men in a train yard in Moscow. Your mission is to raid the site and prevent the exchange from taking place.


John Clark - We don't have much time. The bombs will be transported in two suitcases. You'll need to take out the couriers quickly. If Kutkin is tipped off to what's going on he may detonate the devices on the spot. You can imagine what the Russian military response will be in Moscow suddenly vanished under a mushroom cloud. We could be talking World War III here...

Susan Holt - You guys don't fool around. The way you got us out of Kutkin's spa... just amazing...

I think Kutkin is cracking up. On some level he's got to know his days are numbered. That makes him all the more dangerous. There's no telling what he will do.

Lukyan Barsukov - There is an expression... how do you say..."No honor among thieves." That may be true. But Maxim If there is no honor in family, then... there is no honor anywhere. Russia has become just like America. Today it is the money that matters - not honor, not family. Only the money.

Mission ordersEdit

Hero Claw pic

If either side gets wind that something's up they'll make a run for it. Be sure to guard all the escape routes and be prepared to take out any individuals or vehicles that try to leave the area - that's the only way we can be completely sure we've got the bombs.


  • Hero Claw, curiously enough, was used in the opening of the Dreamcast version of the first Rainbow Six game.



Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Rogue Spear Mission 16 - Operation - Hero Claw

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Rogue Spear Mission 16 - Operation - Hero Claw

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