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"Turn the unexpected into a weapon."
— Ubisoft's official quote for Hibana's gadget
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Hibana Operator

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Hibana Operator

Yumiko "Hibana" Imagawa (Japanese: 今川 由美子[1], Imagawa Yumiko) is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Red Crow expansion alongside Echo.[2]


A Nagoya native, Imagawa traveled the world to perfect her skills and technique. She is specialized in paramilitary techniques gained by training with the SAS, FBI SWAT, and GIGN, to name a few. From her diverse training, she acquired a rare tactical versatility, which includes a proficiency in tubular (bus, train, and airplane) assaults.

The daughter of a local butcher, Imagawa was inspired by her family to practice Kyūdō from a young age. This long range weapon marked her entry in martial arts by perfecting her assessment of multiple factors a once while carrying precise, controlled, and fluid motions.

Her area of expertise is to gain entry in high-risk areas. During her studies at the National Police Academy, she gained the nickname Hibana due to her improvised explosive devices and brilliant leadership skills on the field. Fluent in seven languages and lethal with any weapon, Imagawa was recruited by the Aichi Prefectural Police Department Special Unit, where her diverse techniques and charisma allowed her to move up the ranks quickly.[3]

Psychological Profile

Imagawa is a natural team builder. Passionate and adaptive, she inspires experts from diverse backgrounds to work together and reach a common goal.[4]

Gameplay Description

A Light Armored Operator, Hibana's unique gadget is the X-KAIROS Launcher, which can fire explosive pellets that can be remotely detonated simultaneously and can pierce reinforced walls.

  • Hibana is equipped with the X-KAIROS, a projectile launcher that fires thermal breaching pellets. The launcher has a total of three shots.
  • The X-KAIROS initiates a box-reticle that is visible to everyone, showing where her pellets will land. Even if aimed from an angle or at a distance, the pellets will land squarely on the surface she shoots at.
  • If Hibana uses her gadget key again while she is using X-KAIROS, she will trigger all deployed X-KAIROS pellets for detonation. Hibana has the option of deploying and activating a cluster of the X-KAIROS pellets one at a time, or deploying them all before activating them at once.
  • A single cluster of X-KAIROS pellets consists of six pellets deployed in a 2x3 rectangle. Each pellet is able to take out a small chunk of a Reinforced Wall, and a single pellet can destroy one of Mira's Black Mirrors. A total of four pellets, regardless of placement, is required to open a hatch. Any less and small holes will be created instead.
  • X-KAIROS pellets can be destroyed by gunfire or explosives.
  • Aside from using them on individual walls to create lines of sight, Hibana can use the X-KAIROS pellets together to create a traversable hole in one of three ways: one cluster at ground level will be large enough to crawl through; two clusters stacked should make a hole that can be ducked into or vault over; using all three should create a hole that an Operator can run through with ease.
  • The time to melt through the metal is slightly longer than Thermite's Exothermic Charge, at 5 seconds compared to Thermite's 3.
  • If the pellets hit an Operator directly, each pellet will deal 1 damage. Their explosions also deal minimal damage, around 4 points each, and have a very small explosive radius.
  • Because of these properties, Operators can drop from a reinforced hatch using the pellets without much self-inflicted harm.


  • Operators that handle electronic gadgets, like Thatcher, Twitch and IQ, provide a near guarantee that the X-KAIROS pellets work as intended.
  • Thermite provides a straight-up opening against Reinforced Walls. Alongside her mentor, the two can cause chaos the moment their exothermic gadgets explode.
  • Maverick can provide immediate sight lines in a Reinforced Wall, especially when needed to destroy any Signal Disruptors or Shock Wires that prevent it.


  • Mute's Signal Disruptors will prevent the X-KAIROS pellets in its radius from beginning their detonation sequence.
  • Like Thermite's Exothermic Charges, Bandit's Shock Wire can destroy the X-KAIROS pellets regardless whether they have already been triggered or not.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget
Hibana Icon

X-KAIROS x 3 (x6)

"A 40mm grenade launcher firing explosive pellets that can be detonated from a distance."
— X-KAIROS Description

Partaking in a Special Operation conference in Jordan, Imagawa met Operator Jordan Trace, a pioneer in Brimstone BC-3 Exothermic experiments. She collaborated with him to develop the “X-KAIROS,” a 40 mm caliber launcher. The X-KAIROS fires explosive pellets that can be detonated simultaneously from a distance. Deliver innovative assaults by creating lines of sights, or new pathways.[2]


Hibana's Quotes
Teaser Trailer
  • "Watashi no tomodachi nara kō iu wa ne, 'baka dekai ana ga aku zo.'" (Japanese: 私の友達ならこう言うわね:「バカでかい穴が開くぞ」。)
Red Crow Trailer
  • "Iku wa yo." (Japanese: 行くわよ。)
  • "As a good friend of mine would say: 'Stay away from the blast.'"
  • "Keep calm in there, they'll come to us."
  • "Remember, it's not over until I blow it up. And even then."
  • "Use the field against them."
  • "Stay together and follow my lead."
  • "Clear."
  • "Got to love Trace's thermo-touch."
  • "Knock, knock!"
  • "See you on the other side."
Deploying Claymore
  • "Mine set."
  • "Changing mags!"
  • "Reloading!"
  • "Swapping mags!"


  • Hibana (Japanese: 火花) means "Spark" in Japanese.
  • However, literally translated, it also means "Fire Flower", which is what her pellets also resemble.
  • The X-KAIROS' namesake (Kairos) means "a propitious moment for decision or action" in Greek, referring to both Hibana's ability to give such a moment with her gadget.
  • Her surname (Japanese: 今川) is written on her battledress in Japanese.
  • The crest on her waist is two hikiryō, one of two other crests of the Imagawa clan.
  • The green canisters on the X-KAIROS are marked with the warnings "可燃性ガス" and "爆発の危険あり", which are Japanese for "Flammable gas" and "Explosive danger present" respectively.

Gameplay Videos

Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth- Operator Profile- HIBANA

Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth- Operator Profile- HIBANA

Hibana's X-Kairos Guide - Rainbow Six - Siege

Hibana's X-Kairos Guide - Rainbow Six - Siege

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