Location Cannes, France
Date July 2, 2008
12:55 Hours
Objective Secure Hostages
Eliminate Lead Terrorist
Game Rainbow Six Black Arrow
Next mission Back Alley
Previous mission Subway Station

Hotel is the second mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.


While Cannes is known for being a luxurious location, one bigger flaw has developed. One of the premiere luxury hotels was hosting a convention for deep-sea exploration, along with possible military applications involved. The conference was the target of several armed terrorists who stormed the hotel, and took 2 scientists hostage. You are to be inserted from the garage area, and work your way up to the roof. Note that the hostages are probably in the Suites, along with the terrorist leader and his bodyguards.


Mission 2 Alpha

John Clark - This is Cannes, France, gentlemen, it's best known for a movie festival and the topless beaches, but today it's getting in the news for a whole other reason, we have a hostage situation at the highlighted location. It's ugly, and it has the potential to get a whole lot worse.

Mission 2 Bravo

The site in question is a luxury hotel. It's currently hosting a scientific conference on deep-sea exploration. Submersibles. Unmanned deep sea vehicles, all that sort of thing, some of which might conceivably have military application. At least, that's intel's best guess, because the reports from the ground are that the conference was the terrorist's target.

Mission 2 Charlie

Two of the scientists from the conference are unaccounted for. We're assuming that they've been taken hostage. One eyewitness saw someone being dragged in here before they fled the building, and that's a good place to start looking.

Mission 2 Delta

What you're looking at here is hotel garage. That's where you'll be inserting, and moving up through the building. You'll be passing through the support areas, then the grand foyer and first floor, and then into the suites themselves.

Mission 2 Echo

This image came from the hotel's security system, which feeds to the local police. You can see tangos here, here and here. And there are more on irregular patrols through the building.

Mission 2 Foxtrot

Before the feed from the security cams got disconnected, we did get this image. It looks like the leader of the operation has barricaded himself in one of the suites. You're going to need to do some serious room cleaning to get him and his bodyguards out. Use flashbangs when you kick in the door, however - they may be holding a hostage in there.

Mission 2 Golf

This is the hotel's rooftop. It's broad enough to land a chopper on, which is what worries me. You'll be working your way up, which means the only escape route our tangos have is off the roof. We'll have a bird of our own in the air to interdict the space, but be warned - this is a way the hostiles may try to run. If they get up to the roof, corner them and take them down

Mission success

John Clark - I don't think the hotel's going to be putting this in their brochure any time soon, but the important thing is that everything came out clear. The scientists were understandably in an uproar over why anyone would be after them, but we've got intel working on that. In the meantime, your performance was admirable.