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"I balk at the term "artificial" intelligence."

INDEX is an artificial intelligence that appears in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It is used by REACT to analyze data taken from missions in Containment zones and provides feedback in real time.


Following the reemergence of the Chimera Parasite, REACT was formed to combat and study the threat. INDEX was created as an expert system with the primary function to organize and correlate data. Elena "Mira" Álvarez, Grace "Dokkaebi" Nam, and Harry Pandey were instrumental in INDEX's creation and design. Mira in particular programmed a significant number of INDEX's functions. INDEX is housed aboard the Pioneer and maintains the ship's systems. INDEX itself is constantly maintained by top engineers.


INDEX is capable of altering it's own architecture as needed. With access to the most highly classified information on the planet, it uses advanced pattern-recognition algorithms to collate and analyze huge amounts of information, extrapolate theories and analyses that compound cross-referential connections. This enables INDEX to independently come to conclusions about studies concerning the Parasite. INDEX hosts an "open source journal" called the Codex where it stores all of it's and REACT's research findings and conclusions. INDEX actively actively encourages personnel to help it grow by adding information to the Codex.

INDEX provides assistance to personnel within Containment Zones. This includes informing personnel of a location, ongoing studies, or alerting them when their condition becomes critical.


To enable INDEX to understand people, it was designed using multimodal sentiment analysis (textual, visual, auditory). INDEX also has access to all personnel psychological profiles that were written by Harry Pandey. Despite this, INDEX can often come across as blunt or rude. It also shows some vanity at times such as seeing itself as an advisor for REACT.


  • INDEX is similar to that of ISAC used by the Strategic Homeland Division(SHD exists in an alternate timeline) but isn't as advanced in functioning as the former is built for Hacking and Intercepting Communications and is integrated with every SHD Tech.
  • It is also has a system integration of various worldwide agencies and organization's databases all in real time similar to the Strategic Mission Interface that is used by Fourth Echelon. Both are Analytical softwares except that the SMI can calculate strategies but the INDEX can calculate and collate data gathered in the field by REACT Operatives and other data that is processed by REACT Support Team in study of the Chimera Virus.