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"Give me the brief, I'll figure out the rest as I go."
— IQ

Monika "IQ" Weiss is a REACT Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. She is unlocked by reaching Development Milestone 5.


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IQ requested assignment to REACT as soon as she learned of the new Archæan threat. Her tenacious, no-fail attitude was welcomed immediately, and her proficiency with the R.E.D "Spectre" Electronics Detector makes her essential when locating hostiles and communicating enemy positions to the team.

Psychological Profile[]

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Weiss is energized by challenging herself both physically and mentally. She sees REACT as the ultimate challenge of her abilities; a chance to surpass herself. Weiss can become highly focused when faced with a particularly interesting challenge but is also described as wildly creative. She has been described as someone intent on finding order in chaos.

Weiss is an overachiever in everything she attempts [Query: polymath]. Extensive knowledge of experimental electrical engineering and microelectronics will benefit the mission. Weiss's creative approach to finding patterns in chaotic systems combined with her intense energy will make her invaluable in studying the Chimera.

- Index

Gameplay Description[]

Electronics Detector
RED Mk IV Spectre

Gadget REACT RED Mk IV Spectre.png

A medium speed, yet light Armored Operator, IQ's unique gadget is the RED Mk IV "Spectre", which can locate and mark REACT equipment including ammo, ability, or health resupply packs (as well as mission objectives like Triangulation consoles, Catalyst emitters, and Disruption Devices) within approximately 20 meters. This proves to be invaluable following firefights with enemies and traversal through more difficult sub-zones.

The Spectre initially only detects REACT Equipment through solid objects. At Operator level 2, it Spores, Sower Mines, Arch Spines, and Nutrient Nodes. It is further upgraded at Operator level 7 where it detects Lurkers, regardless of cloaking ability, and Smashers. Finally at Operator level 10, the Spectre's detection range is increased and it is capable of detecting Apexes and Proteans.

  • The Electronics Detector is a wrist mounted display. It is deactivated by default, and can be manually activated or deactivated.
    • When activated, IQ flips open the Electronics Detector, and REACT Equipment within range is detected (even through walls) when looked through the Electronics Detector's translucent display. She can ping objects and enemies to confirm what they are in this state.
    • When using the Electronics Detector, IQ can only use her secondary weapon (P12)


Level Image Name Description Cosmetic
Electronics Detector.png
RED Mk IV Spectre Detects REACT Equipment and more through obstacles. N/A
Electronics Detector.png
RED Mk IV Bio Module Spores, Sower Mines, Arch Spines, and Nutrient Nodes are now visible using the Spectre. HZ-Tarp Headgear
3 Arsenal Update Gains access to the M870 shotgun. N/A
Armor II Incoming damage reduced by 10%. N/A
5 Extra Mags Carries 3 additional magazines per weapon. HZ-Tarp Uniform
6 Arsenal Update Gains access to the MP7 sub machine gun and the 552 Commando assault rifle. N/A
Electronics Detector.png
High Frequency Detects Lurkers and Smashers while using the Spectre, regardless of cloaking ability. Status Symbol Uniform
Speed V Movement speed increased by 35%. N/A
9 Arsenal Update Gains access to the G8A1 light machine gun. N/A
Electronics Detector.png
Full Spectrum Detects Apexes and Proteans while using the Spectre, regardless of cloaking ability. Detection range increased. Status Symbol Headgear


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