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Not to be confused with Smoke.

An incendiary grenade is a group of explosive devices that burn at extremely high temperatures through a violent chemical reaction. Practical uses of grenades of this type include the destruction of munition caches, artillery pieces and vehicles to prevent their use by enemy forces. Often, these grenades consist of compounds involving white phosphorus (WP), thermite or thermate (TH3).

There is a variant of an incendiary grenade that exists in the Rainbow Six universe. This variant is the M34 grenade.

  • The M34 white phosphorus smoke grenade, also known as the Willie Pete, is a dual smoke and incendiary grenade developed for use since the 1950s as a replacement of the earlier M15 white phosphorus grenades during the Vietnam War. One of its main improvements over the M15 was the ability to be used on the M2 grenade launcher attachment system.



Incendiary Grenade


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