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For the Codex entry, see Incursions (Codex).

Incursions is the main playlist featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It tasks players with completing a series of objectives on maps and extract safely in order to increase player Development Milestones and Operator levels. Incursions can be played solo or with up to three players.


Each map features three objectives that must be completed across three subzones that progressively increase in difficulty. Players will have 15 minutes to complete an objective and either move to the next subzone or extract before a large swarm of enemies will converge on them. Should a player be downed, their Operator must be brought to an extraction point or they will become MIA and cannot be chosen from until they are rescued in a subsequent Incursion.

Health lost during Incursions cannot be regained but can be boosted with medkits located around maps. Medkits, ammo, ability, and REACT tech boxes are located sporadically around maps for resupply. Health lost during Incursions will heal over time if the injured Operator is not used over the next few Incursions.

Completing objectives will reward large amounts of XP to players but they are not required to move to the next subzone. Once a request to extract or move onto the next subzone is made, players will have thirty seconds to reach either area or they will be automatically downed and become MIA. Players may continue to subsequent subzones or extract at any time. XP earned from Incursions, Operator levels, and Studies will go toward a player's overall Development Milestone level.


A total of thirteen objectives are available on Incursions.


Incursions are available on twelve maps across four regions. Maps within the New York City region are unlocked by default while maps within San Francisco, Alaska, and Truth or Consequences are unlocked at Development Milestones 4, 7, and 11 respectively. Each region features a series of Studies which tasks players with completing challenges.

A total of twelve maps are available:


Four difficulties are available for a mission: Moderate, Cautious, Severe, and Critical. Each region features a default difficulty when selecting region with Quick Play. These difficulties can be changed manually if playing on solo or with a team full of players. Higher difficulties will award players with more XP but will also introduce Parasite Mutations to enemy types.