"The steed, the night, and the desert all know me. Now, you do too."
— Jackal
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Velvet Shell Jackal operator

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Velvet Shell Jackal operator

Ryad "Jackal" Ramírez Al-Hassar is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Velvet Shell expansion alongside Mira.[1]


Pushed from one family to the next, Ryad emerged from the foster care system when his older brother, Faisal Ramírez, turned 18 and became his legal guardian.

Blaming his shortcomings for the loss of his older brother, Ramírez decided to join the Policía Nacional. He passed the mandatory ESO (Secondary studies) and became a CNP (Cuerpo Nacional de Policía) at 19 years old. He is still investigating his brother's case and to this day, but was unable to find any solid evidence against his brother's murderer.

With strong resolve and broad resourcefulness in difficult terrains, Ramírez joined the Grupo Especial de Operaciones (GEO) to track down HVTs and intercept narcotics shipments.[2]

Psychological Profile

Suffers from chronic insomnia. Ramírez is at risk of developing acute symptoms such as muscular weariness, hallucinations and/or double vision. He must be monitored closely.[3]

Gameplay Description

A Medium Armored Operator, Jackal's unique gadget is the Eyenox Model III, which can track enemy footprints and can identify its targets.

  • With the Eyenox, Jackal can see and scan footprints, where the footprint's host will then be "pinged" (like by a Drone or a CCTV) with a unique ping symbol. The first ping comes immediately, while four more will come for within 20 seconds in 5-second intervals.
  • Jackal and his current prey will see the timer for when the next ping will be and how many are leftover.
  • Scanning footprints takes around 3 seconds and can only scan footprints within 3 meters. This feature also requires Jackal to concentrate on a single set of footprints. If Jackal looks to another set of footprints, even if they belong to the same Defender, the hunt will restart.
  • The Eyenox cannot be turned on or off while holding a Hostage.
  • The footprints are color-coded depending on how recent they are. Trackable footprints start off red at 0 seconds, become yellow at 20, light green at 45, light blue at 65 until they disappear at 90.
  • Footprints will only be made if the Defender was standing or crouching when they were moving. They obviously can't be made when the Defender was crawling.


  • Due to the nature of his Eyenox being disrupted by Mute, Attackers such as Thatcher and Twitch can be helpful in removing Signal Disruptors.


  • Mute's Signal Disruptors will interfere heavily with the Eyenox, causing a heavy static effect that Jackal cannot see anything while either the Eyenox and Signal, preventing him from scanning footprints too.
  • The concussion effects of Echo's Yokai and Ela's Grzmot Mine will turn Jackal's Eyenox off and prevent him from using it for the concussion effect's duration.
  • Caveira has special interactions with Jackal.
  • While her footsteps are normally visible by Jackal, she will not create such footprints while using her Silent Step.
  • If Jackal is able to scan any footsteps she does leave behind, Caveira is capable of preventing herself from being pinged. This is possible because when she is using Silent Step, the Eyenox will not ping her location. However, she is still tracked and will be pinged if she isn't using her Silent Step.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget
Jackal Icon

Eyenox Model III x 3

"Tracking eyewear that locates targets by revealing and identifying recent footsteps."
— Eyenox Model III Description

Inspired by the FBI’s Quick Capture Platform, the Eyenox Model III was created to offer a mobile tracking device able to both identify and trail a person’s footprints in real-time. This forensic tool was first used to track terrorist cells back to hidden cave complex in the mountains of Afghanistan. Equipped with advanced computer vision, the Eyenox detects invisible details relating to footfall and weight distribution so that you can identify and stalk your target.[1]


Jackal's Quotes
Teaser Trailer
  • "Siempre dejan algo atrás."
Velvet Shell Trailer
  • "Via libre, puedo seguir el rastro."
  • "Every trail leads to death. So is yours."
  • "My brother used to say: 'Among the blind, the One-Eyed Man is king'."
  • [Soft chuckle to himself.]
  • "Someone is watching us."
  • "There is someone else here. But they cannot hide from me."
  • "The steed, the night, and the desert all know me. Now, you do too."
  • "You remind me of my brother."
  • "You ever get the feeling that these operations are getting a bit too... comfortable?"
Using Eyenox
  • "And what do we have here?"
  • "Let me see what hides in the dark."
  • "I caught something."
  • "I see you lurking."
  • "Scanning."
  • "They always leave something behind."
  • "This will do."
  • "We have a clean trail."
  • "What do we have here?"
  • "Well, well, well."
After Scanning
  • "Better meet Death, than be hunted by its shadow."
  • "Better meet Death, than dread its shadow."
  • "Clean tracks, I have a trail."
  • "Clean trail, I'm on course."
  • "Don't worry, it will all be over soon."
  • "I'm on the hunt."
  • "It will be all over soon."
  • "I won't let this one slip away."
  • "Never trust the naked eye."
  • "Nothing compares to a hunt."
  • "Tracks are clean, I have a trail."
  • "The darkness has failed you."
  • "Stay still now, I'll be there shortly."
  • "You better start running."
Killing the Scan
  • "Better dead than sorry."
  • "End of journey."
  • "Finished."
  • "I finished."
  • "Never let them slip away."
  • "Not sorry."
  • "Patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet."
  • "Reached the finish line."
  • "So predictable."
  • "Sorry, not sorry."
  • "Target was put down."
  • "Target was caught and put down."
  • "The target was put down."
  • "The target was caught and put down!"
  • "The trail has come to a close."
Setting Breach Charge
  • "Breach Charge primed."
  • "Setting Charge."
Detonating Breach Charge
  • "Brace for Charge."
Using Drone
  • "Deploying drone."
  • "Reloading!"
  • "Loading fresh magazine!"
  • "Aiding friendly."
  • "Friendly injured."
  • "I got you."
  • "On your feet."
Getting Hostage
  • "Hostage recoevered."
  • "Hostage retrieved."
  • "Hostage secured."
  • "We have the hostage."
Moving Hostage
  • "Keep moving."
  • "Keep running."
  • "Let's go."
  • "Move."
  • "Run!"
  • "Sígueme."
  • "We have to go."
Dropping Hostage
  • "Be perfectly still."
  • "Be still."
  • "Don't move."
  • "Keep quiet."
  • "Stop."
  • "No choice."


  • The footprints that Jackal can see for Defenders differ, though not every Defender has their own unique footprint (e.g. Doc, Mute and Valkyrie have boot-pattern footprints, while Operators such as Bandit have sneaker-pattern footprints).

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth- How to use JACKAL - Operator Profile

Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth- How to use JACKAL - Operator Profile

Patch Changes


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