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Jamal Murad is an Egyptian Rainbow operative.


Born in Bani Suwayf, Egypt. Murad is the son of an influential moderate Muslim cleric, and grew up learning a great deal about both the religious and secular worlds. To the dismay of his pacifistic parents, Murad joined the Egyptian armed forces rather than continue his scholarship. Privately upset by the reputation of Egypt's Unit 777, Murad set out to change the organization from within. His contacts with US, British and German training units convinced him there was a better way, but that Egypt would not be taking that path soon enough for him. His exceptional skills, both linguistic and military, landed him a frequent cross training position with the SAS, where he came to the attention of RAINBOW. In combat, Murad is a swift and lethal presence. Once he has committed a plan to memory, nothing stand in his way to accomplish that plan. Prior to the mission, Murad questions every detail of every plan, often infuriating the planning officers but ensuring that every possible consequence and complication have been well thought out. His insistence that there is a Right Way has won him many admirers, if few friends.


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