"Your decisions will determine the rest of your life. Leaders learn to make the hard ones quickly."
— Jan Bosak

Jan Bosak is a character mentioned in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. He is the father of Zofia Bosak and Elżbieta "Ela" Bosak.


Not much is known about Jan's early life except that he was the respected commander of GROM. In 1991, Jan resigned from his role as GROM Commander to become the Minister of Internal Affairs following the assassination of Poland's president. Jan saw his eldest daughter Zofia as a vehicle to carry his legacy. This favoritism became evident, causing a rift between Zofia and Ela. Jan had both of his daughters attend his military high school where they were pressured to perform on every level. Ela had trouble conforming to this lifestyle and was constantly bullied for the special treatment she and Zofia received for being the daughters of a former GROM commander. An unknown incident led to Ela's expulsion from the school. Ela would later leave Poland and broke all contact with Jan and Zofia.

Following a traumatic incident on a school trip, Zofia asked her father to train her in the ruthless techniques he had acquired during his time with GROM. Jan agreed on the condition that Zofia did not question his training methods. On the first day of Zofia's training, Jan led her to a shooting range where he had leashed two stray dogs to a target post. He informed her that one of the two dogs was sick and that she had to end its suffering. He then took his pocket watch out and gave her two minutes to make a decision. This was meant to teach her the skills necessary to survive any peril, and withstand dangerous situations. Jan's strict military training and the ticking of his pocket watch would haunt Zofia .

Years later, Zofia flew back to Poland for her wedding ceremony. While she intended the event to be private, Jan turned it into a marked celebration, reuniting the clique of politicians who took power after the assassination of Poland's President. Zofia was shocked to see two former suspects among the crowd, embraced warmly by her father. She left the party early, feigning illness. While investigating what she’d seen, Zofia discovered she was pregnant and kept it hidden from her father. Jan committed suicide in the months that followed, though the circumstances surrounding his death were suspicious.

Jan's death profoundly affected Zofia and Ela. Zofia felt that with his death and the birth of her daughter, she needed to become closer with her family. She also became obsessed with her father's pocket watch. Ela was granted a profound need for purpose. She internalized the belief that she must prove posthumously her worth to her father. Ela trained relentlessly to pass the GROM selection as a civilian. She then joined her father's unit as a way to keep his memory close and make amends. His memory continues to push Ela to unrealistic standards and lead high-risk operations.

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