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Jorg Walther is a German Rainbow operative.


Born in Saarbrücken, Germany. Father is a safety engineer with Lufthansa, mother is a homemaker. Three younger siblings, two sisters and a brother. Amateur archer, competing in Germany junior national championships, 1990. Entered the German Federal Border Police Force (Bundesgrenzschutz) in 1994 at the top of his cadet class. Stationed at Saarbrücken, 1994–98. Recruited into Germany's elite counter-terrorist force, Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (GSG-9) in 1998. Completed GSG-9 training in record time, again at the top of his class. Temporarily attached to GSG-9/1, the group's primary CT strike unit, before reassignment to RAINBOW. Married since 1996. No children. Walther is currently the newest member of the RAINBOW team. His lack of experience in the field is balanced by his extraordinary drive and determination. He is a quick learner and an exceptional team member, following every order without hesitation or question. Although his primary training was as member of an assault team, he is also well-versed in wire-tapping and electronic surveillance. He is clearly being groomed for advancement by the Bundesgrenzschutz command and his assignment to RAINBOW reflects the German government's long-term commitment to international CT collaboration.