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Jung Park (Hangul: 박정, Bag Jeong) was a Rainbow field operative born in South Korea.


Jung Park’s natural proficiency for computers drove him to serve his mandatory term in the ROK Army immediately after graduation. Park’s high scores on electronics screening made him eligible for entry into the 1st Anti-Guerilla Group. For two years, Park served as part of the 15th Security Battalion’s signals unit.

In 2004, Park received a transfer to the ROK Army’s 5th Special Forces Brigade (Airborne). During his time as a Black Dragon, Park earned top marksmanship decorations in every long-range category, as well as SCUBA and parachute qualifications.

After three years with the 5th SFB, Park volunteered for the 707th Special Mission Battalion, South Korea’s elite counter-terrorist and quick-reaction unit. During a joint training mission with the SAS and 1st SFOD-D, Park caught Ding Chavez’s eye for his mix of electronics and combat expertise. When Park’s two year term with the 707th concluded, he was immediately invited to join Rainbow.



  • He was born on October 4th, 1982 in Ulsan, South Korea
  • He is noted to be 5' 11" and weigh 200 lbs.
  • In the trailers and almost all pre-release screenshots for Vegas 2, Jung is always seen holding a sniper rifle (probably due to his notable marksmanship). However, he uses a G36C in-game.
  • In the trailer teaser for Rainbow Six: Vegas, Jung is seen with an M8. However, like Vegas 2, he uses a G36C in-game.
  • He seems to be left handed.
  • He also seems to be an accomplished hacker, as seen in the final mission of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2.