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"This high-class café in central Moscow is the pinnacle of glitz and glamour, and is a natural intervention ground for Spetsnaz forces. The grounds have been seized by terrorists at peak hours on Christmas Eve, and destruction of the rich, chic, classic decor will be a key element of this map."
— Ubisoft Description

Kafe Dostoyevsky is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The map was reworked in March 2019 with the release of the Operation Phantom Sight expansion. The reworked focused on a massive redesign of the interior of the facility.


  • Attacker Spawn Points
    • River Docks
    • Christmas Market
    • Park
  • Bomb
    • 3F Cocktail Lounge & 3F Bar
    • 2F Mining Room & 2F Fireplace Hall
    • 2F Reading Room & 2F Fireplace Hall
    • 1F Kitchen Service & 1F Kitchen Cooking
  • Secure Area
    • 3F Cigar Lounge
    • 2F Train Museum
    • 2F Reading Room
    • 1F Kitchen Cooking
  • Hostage
    • 3F Bar Freezer
    • 2F Train Museum
    • 2F Reading Room
    • 1F Kitchen Cooking

Map Layout[]


This map is used for Situation 6: No Intel. In this situation you play as Thermite, rescuing a hostage. Unlike other situations, the hostage is not pre-marked. In fact, unlike regular Terrorist Hunt, you get a 60 second droning time before you spawn in, similar to multiplayer.

The map content is similar to regular Terrorist Hunt, however the only reinforcements in the map are the hatch above the hostage room and nearby the hostage room, there are no reinforcements in the hostage room or the adjacent rooms. However, one of the entrances to the room has sandbags on it, making it impossible to enter there.

The Hostage is located in the room containing the train cars, and always uses the female hostage model. The extraction point is behind the Cafe, next to the park.





  • The reworked largely focused on redesigning the interior of the facility. On the outside, several windows can no longer be destroyed and the overall aesthetic has been updated. The majority of the first floor was redesigned, especially around the North entrance. This main entrance now resembles the lobby of a high-end catering establishment, with multiple areas to take advantage of. The second floor now features a new pair of Bomb sites, in Fireplace Hall and Reading Room. The stairs leading up from the main entrance have also been repositioned. On the third floor, the easternmost part has changed, rearranging the layout of Cocktail Lounge, and giving it a balcony that overlooks the second floor. The cigar shop has also gained a brand new balcony, opposite that one. In the southeast corner, the staircase now has a barrier, which limits the angles one can hold or exploit. While other areas of the map remain essentially the same, all of it has received an aesthetic revamp that gives the map an even more sleek and chic atmosphere.
  • The map is likely named after Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
  • The piece: The Nutcracker, Miniature Overture, composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky can be overheard playing in the Cigar Lounge on the second floor of Kafe Dostoyevsky.
  • Some aspects of the map's design are likely inspired by elements of Café Pushkin, a cafe in Moscow.
  • Mahler's Sixth Symphony can be heard in the CEO room.
  • On a blue truck in front of Christmas Market is a truck belonging to "Tachanka's Health Plumber Co.
  • A painting can be seen on the roof of the Bakery. The artwork illustrates naked women and men in one place; although Rainbow Six censored the main genitals of the people, the breasts of the women were not covered.