Kan Akahashi was a Japanese Rainbow operative.


The old man of the team, Kan is the voice of reason and the person to call when you need to punch big holes in doors.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: VegasEdit

Kan was apart of Alpha Team, Logan Keller was the team leader and Gabriel Nowak was the youngest and third member of the team. He is the heavy weapons, demolitions expert and used a MK. 46. Kan is captured during the events of the game and is later shot and killed but not before giving Logan some vital information.

Kan was mentioned by Gabriel Nowak in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 during the final showdown between Bishop and Gabe stating that he outsmarted them all and the list of people he had injured and killed saying, "What's the Rainbow body count? Sharon, Kan, Echo Team. Payback."

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