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"These soldiers think their training will keep them alive. They break down doors and come through windows, weapons drawn. They check the corners, watch each other's backs, and give the all clear. But it's too late. They forgot the first rule of survival. A real hunter always watches where he steps."
— Kapkan

Maxim "Kapkan" Basuda (Russian: Максим Басудa) is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mobile.


Maxim Basuda was born on May 14 in Kovrov, Russia. The eldest of three brothers, Basuda was surrounded by the influence of the Russian military. Both parents worked in the military support factories, his father in mechanical engineering and his mother in textiles. Hoping to escape a grueling life in the factory, Basuda was encouraged by his parents and teachers to enlist in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Along with the standard training of weapon expertise, protection detail, and high speed pursuit, Basuda showed adroit skills with hostage rescue and information gathering.

Clever strategies and self-sufficiency meant that Basuda was perfect for an undercover operation in the port town of Naryan-Mar on the Barents Sea. His successful efforts to shut down organized crime prompted his recruitment into the highly respected Spetsnaz. Basuda became an avid hunter and trapper during his time in the Arctic Circle, before being transferred to Beslan in 2002.[1] Basuda was later recruited into the reformed Rainbow in 2015.

Psychological Profile[]

Basuda is a self-sufficient realist. He has seen the harsh reality of the world and does not allow that to hinder his ability to act. He's fascinated by psychology; what allows one creature to become a hunter and the other prey.[2]

Psychological Report[]

On first impression, Specialist Maxim "Kapkan" Basuda can come across as jaded about the world and his role in it. Oftentimes those who are most frustrated sound as though they don't care, when in fact they care a great deal. It's important to Basuda that he's able to make a lasting contribution and so, despite his cynicism or because of it, he's taken it upon himself to mentor other soldiers. […] Even though some on the team find him intense, they all speak highly of him. I asked him if he thought he had changed much over the years. He laughed and told me the one changed he has noticed: He still eats flint for breakfast, only now he knows when to take his words back. […]

Basuda enjoys a number of hobbies centered around weapons and hunting, so naturally I wanted to hear what the appeal was for him. A hunter, Basuda told me, needs to think strategically, to understand the animal's routines and behaviors, but it's also imperative that the hunter respect their prey. […] Any true hunter respects animals. They understand conservation and need to maintain a balance. Wolves and bears play their part perfectly, he told me. Basuda said this understanding makes him a better operator because he can apply it to people - both in how they're like animals, but also in how they are not.

For Basuda, life is harsh - made harsher by humans. Decisive action and level headedness are what matter. Like wolves - not the fairy tale kind, but the real ones - Basuda considers himself loyal. Wolves, he explained to me, are devoted to family. All members raise the young, and they work together as a team when hunting. […] Given his explanation, I wondered if he may feel somewhat lonely. A wolf without a pack. At my mention of it, he laughed and tapped his temple and told me he loves brain science - that my job studies the mind but then is almost always about the soul. Listening to him wax philosophical, I found I couldn't help but agree.

- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Description[]

A Medium Health Operator, Kapkan comes equipped with his homemade EDD MKII Tripwires, special mines that can anchor on doorway and window frames, detonating when enemies trigger its laser.

  • Kapkan spawns with five Entry Denial Devices that can be attached to the frame of any barricadable doorway or window.
    • All device can be deployed on the same frame.
    • The position of the deployed EDD corresponds to the position the player was aiming at when starting the deployment animation.
      • The lowest an EDD can be placed on windows is around chest-height.
      • The lowest placement on a doorway is varied between doorways, although it is usually between shin-height down to being at ankle-height.
      • In either case, the highest an EDD can be placed is head-height.
    • The EDD is an electronic gadget, and can thus be:
      • Detected by IQ's Electronics Detector
      • Disabled by Thatcher's EMP Grenades
      • Destroyed by darts fired by Twitch's Shock Drones
  • An EDD creates an invisible horizontal laser tripwire across the doorway it is placed on, shooting from the centre of the EDD. An EDD will trigger and explode when an Attacker touches the tripwire.
  • An EDD laser tripwire cannot cover more than its designated entry point.
  • The base damage of an EDD explosion is 60. This damage is affected by an Operator's Health Type, so Operators with Medium or Heavy Health will receive 51 and 45 damage respectively from the explosion.
  • The explosion has an effective range of three meters before dropping off harshly.


  • Hiding an EDD on a doorway or window by using any environmental obstruction can be key in order for them to go unnoticed.
  • Placing an EDD where enemies don't have a direct line of sight on them can trick them into thinking they're safe.


  • Since the EDD only explodes when its tripwire is triggered, Attackers's movements are key to avoid triggering the EDD.
  • If the EDD is mounted very low, an Attacker can avoid the tripwire by vaulting over a Deployable Shield or a broken barricade.
  • An EDD set too high can be avoided by simply moving while crouching or prone.
  • Be aware that when meleeing a barricaded window, if the Attacker's hand hits through into an EDD's laser the EDD can be triggered.
  • Kapkan's EDDs are destructible and can be destroyed with a single gunshot.
  • Operators with shields receive reduced damage if their shield is facing the explosion, thus allowing them to take minimal damage from the devices.
  • Ash, due to the explosive and flexible nature of her Breaching Rounds, can destroy Barricades and Deployable Shields on doorways or windows, also removing any EDD device on the frame as she enters through it.
  • Zofia to a lesser extent follows the same strategy, but may not destroy the EDD device on larger doorframes.
  • Twitch's Shock Drone can destroy an EDD with its taser.
  • Thatcher's can disable Entry Denial Gates with his EMP Grenades for a duration of 10 seconds.
  • Zero's Argus Camera lasers will destroy an EDD with ease.
  • Kali's LV Lances will destroy EDDs.
  • Flores' RCE-RATERO Drone will also destroy EDDs.


Entry Denial Device.png
  • Entry Denial Device x 5
    EDD MK II Trip Wire
"Sets booby traps on windows and door frames."
— EDD MK II Description

Kapkan is a very efficient trapper, being capable of placing his traps inside doorways and windows, which will be detonated by enemies going through them. The EDD Mk II can be mounted into windows and door frames. It explodes when enemies enter trapped entryways, projecting shrapnel at anyone located in the device’s blast radius.

This lightweight mine design comes with a long screw to embed the device in door and window frames. The EDD Mk II utilizes a packed C4 charge to propel an assortment of screws held in stasis by a silicon pad. The EDD Mk II proves necessity is the mother of invention.

Device Evaluation[]

Device: EDD MK II Tripwires
Operator: Specialist Maxim "Kapkan" Basuda
Evaluation Lead: Specialist Tina Lin "Frost" Tsang with Specialist Maxim "Kapkan" Basuda

Kapkan Gadget.PNG

It's exciting to be part of these evaluations, so I want to extend my thanks to Rainbow Director Harry (Six) Pandey and Director Elena (Mira) Alvarez for including me. Because of my Welcome Mats, Mira felt that I'd be the best choice to take a closer look at Kapkan's EDD MK II traps. So Kap and I got right to work running our gear through a series of tests: Stress, deployment and tactical. We made use of every part of the state-of-the-art lab.

Over the course of its development there have been various adjustments made to the EDD MK II. It was updated with a lighter alloy and a revised design has made it more flexible. Overall, the EDD is functioning well and we're happy with the results (attached).

I learned more about Kap over these past few days than from all of the operations we've been on together! He taught me a few new tricks. And despite what he says, I think he learned some things from me too.

- Tina


Kapkan's Quotes
  • "There are many different kinds of cunning. Fortunately, survival requires only one."
Outbreak: Sierra Paradise
  • "I expected heavier resistance."
  • "Could be a trap. Keep your eyes open."
  • "Target located. Explosives ready."
  • "I prefer to be setting the ambush, not getting caught in one."
  • "Once we can predict them, there will be no more surprises."
  • "Whatever attack Jäger could be waiting for us. How do we know this isn't a trap?"
  • "We find Jäger, we find our answers; Whatever they may be."
  • "We can't keep this up forever."
  • "Kill the high-value targets, leave the rest."
  • "Why do I feel like we're walking into an ambush?"
  • "We don't know how many enemies are between us and Jäger. We need to keep moving."
  • "Helicopter's coming. Can you move?"
Outbreak: Sierra Veterans Wing
  • "I hope Six knows what she's doing. Three lives for one isn't much of a trade."
  • "All we need to do is to get doctor Mackintosh to safety. The rest is up to her."
  • "If that was their strongest attack, I'd say we have nothing to worry about."
  • "We found the doctor. Let's move."
Outbreak: The Nest
  • "We have a plan to go in quietly, yes?"
  • "Now is not the time to ask those kinds of questions."
  • "Thermite sighted."
  • "Thermite acquired."
  • "No traps? Missed opportunity."
  • "The lonely and the mad deserve our pity, not our scorn."
  • "Generator on. Start the crane."
  • "Crane started."
  • "Generator's back online."
  • "So it is one of ours... huh."
  • "Let's free it up and get out of here."
Outbreak: Jäger
  • "Jäger needs help!"
  • "Jäger's down!"
  • "Jäger's in trouble!"
  • "Jäger's under attack!"
  • "Protect Jäger!"
Outbreak: Doctor Mackintosh
  • "Doctor Mackintosh is down!"
  • "Find the doctor!"
  • "Protect the doctor!"
  • "Stabilize the doctor!"
  • "The doctor's under attack!"
  • "We need to protect the doctor!"
Outbreak: Explosives Defense
  • "Defend the explosives!"
  • "Enemies on the explosives!"
  • "Explosives armed!"
  • "Explosives compromised!"
  • "Explosives in place!"
  • "Explosives under attack!"
  • "Thermite placed... Are you watching Jordan?"
Outbreak: Resupplying
  • "Ammo crate here."
  • "First aid applied"
  • "First aid here."
  • "Grab some mags."
  • "Grab your supplies."
  • "Medkit here."
  • "Refill complete."
  • "Resupply complete."
  • "Anything can be lethal here."
  • "Let's hunt."
  • "Mind your step."
  • "Remain on target at all times."
  • "You do your job, I'll do mine."
  • "Whatever happens, stay calm."
Anchoring Entry Denial Device
  • "Ambush set. Stay clear."
  • "Device primed, keep an eye on door."
  • "Doorway trapped. Stay clear of blast zone."
  • "EDD deployed. Stand clear of window."
  • "EDD mounted. Don't stand close."
  • "EDD mounted. Let them come."
  • "EDD primed."
  • "EDD primed. Stand clear."
  • "My sector is secured."
  • "Rappelling hostiles are in for a surprise."
Setting Nitro Cell
  • "C4 deployed."
  • "C4 set."
  • "Deploying C4."
Detonating Nitro Cell
  • "Detonating C4."
  • "Beefed up floor here!"
  • "Wall is reinforced!"
  • "Window barricaded!"
  • "Window barricade up."
Scanning Enemies
  • "Hostiles detected."
  • "Hostile located."
  • "Target detected!"
  • "I'm dry!"
  • "Swapping mags."
No More Ammunition
  • "I'm out of ammo!"
  • "Need some ammo!"
  • "Stay still, fixing you."
  • "You're hurt, don't move."
  • "You're hurt, I'll help."
Friendly Fire
  • "Blue on Blue! Don't shoot!"
White Masks Reloading
  • "Hostile reloading."
  • "Hostiles are reloading."
  • "They're reloading."


  • Kapkan (Russian: Капкан) means "trap" in Russian.
  • Kapkan was one of only a handful of police officers who survived the Beslan school siege.[3]
  • Kapkan has an extensive collection of weapons and survival gear, as well as design and build snares and traps as a hobby.[3]
  • Kapkan wears a Gorka 4 in SS-Spring pattern with a Gearcraft Viper Hood and a Fort Defender 2 Low Profile body armour with an SSO/SPOSN Avizent Smersh AK over it.
  • Kapkan is the first Operator, not including the FBI SWAT Recruit, to receive a change post-launch related to their Health and Speed rating. His Health and Speed rating at launch was Heavy (3 Health, 1 Speed).
  • In his operator video, Kapkan is seen walking a screw on his hand.
  • Kapkan's elite uniform is a summer Afghanka, unofficially named for its use in the Soviet-Afghan War. He wears a field cap, or kepka-afganka, with the ear flaps down.
  • The "Vympel" for which his elite uniform is named is a counter-terrorism special operations task force created on August 19, 1981 by the Soviet KGB. The unit still exists, and is now under the control of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, or the FSB.
  • In a training accident, he slashed Finka's face, with her response by breaking his nose and ribs. Nevertheless, the two share a deep respect for one another.
  • Kapkan's date of birth was originally stated in-game as 1979. However, this has since been removed.


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