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Karl Haider is an Austrian Rainbow operative.


Born in Graz, Austria. Father is a petroleum distributor, mother a homemaker. Two siblings, a brother and a sister, both still in school. Joined the regular Austrian army in 1992. Transferred to Gendarmerieeinsatzkommando Cobra (GEK Cobra) in 1996. Trained with both Germany's GSG-9 and Israel's Sayeret Mat'Kal. Participated in the GEK Cobra raid on Deissenmayr GmbH headquarters in Vienna in 1998 and was credited with single-handedly saving the lives of seven hostages. Married 1999, no children. In combat situations, Karl is unstoppable. He is extremely aggressive and will not hesitate to use whatever methods are necessary to complete his mission. He is fanatical about protecting the lives of hostages and innocent bystanders, even to the point of jeopardizing his own life. Off the job, he is soft-spoken and private, but has an iron determination.

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