Knight is a Rainbow operative that helps Bishop and Bravo Team in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 co-op mode. Knight is never a mentioned in the campaign itself and is simply there for cooperative uses.


Very little is known about Knight since they are in the game for multiplayer purposes only, so it is absolutely unknown when did they joined Rainbow, what their rank is and previous experience nor where they came from. The following biography is based on the fact that Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is played in co-op mode.

In 2005, Rainbow Academy's instructor, Bishop, is assigned to take command of Bravo Team as a hostage situation occurs in France. Feeling that an additional teammate won't hurt, Bishop brings Knight along. They land on the observatory's helipad and meet Six in the conference room. As Alpha Team escorts Lt. Monroe to the terrorists' hands, Bishop and Knight team up with their subordinates, Gabriel Nowak and Logan Keller. They proceed to the negotiations room, and wait for Alpha Team to get in place. However, Nowak fires prematurely and the rest of the team is forced to follow. Monroe is killed, but the hostages are saved. The team proceeds to clear the complex of the rest of the terrorists, and gets ambushed as Nowak is trying to disarm a bomb. The threat ends as Alpha arrives and secure the room.

Following this, it is unknown what happens to Knight between 2005 and 2010, but when Bishop is called upon leading Bravo once more, they bring Knight in back-up. Together, they fight through the Las Vegas crisis side by side, clearing buildings, saving hostages, gathering intelligence. Knight is not known to have killed any important terrorist (whereas Bishop personally kills Miguel Cabrero and the sniper that shoots Sharon Judd) but is obviously a key element in Bishop's team.

As Michael Walter and Jung Park are placed under command of Logan, Knight stays with Bishop and the pair is ordered to go back to HQ. However, Gabriel Nowak posing as an NSA agent joins them and urges Six to allow them to chase Alvarez Cabrero. The duo fights through the refinery and the train station, only to discover that the NSA agent is in fact a treacherous Nowak. Extracted by Gary Kenyon, the pair teams up again with Jung and Mike, and track down Gabriel to Costa Rica. In the fighting, Knight covers Bishop and allows a swift clearing of the villa. Charlie and Delta teams drops in and join in the assault, but Bravo gets ambushed and Mike is incapacitated. However, Knight, Bishop and Jung eliminate the counter-attackers, and get Mike on his feet. With Gabriel killed and the crisis over, Bishop is given the position of Deputy Director of Rainbow, but Knight's fate remains unknown.

Appearance and equipment

Knight's physical appearance and equipment vary depending on the player's PEC arrangement. On PC, Knight is the other player's Bishop and as a consequence is highly customizable. As the Team lacks a heavy weapons specialist in the first level, it is advised that Knight fills this role, and for the rest of the game may use sniper rifles or shotguns, following the player's preferences.

Unlike Jung and Michael, Knight's pattern/camouflage and armor are not defined by Bishop's.

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