Kurov-DK is a powerful and specialized nerve agent, much like its more famous cousin, VX. Nerve agents function by entering the human body and inhibiting acetylcholinesterase, which disrupts nerve impulse transmission leaving muscles unable to move properly. Victims of Kurov-DK will collapse and be unable to breathe within minute of exposure; fatal dosage is no more than 10 milligrams.

Many nerve agents, such as Sarin, are gaseous in form, and quickly dissipate when exposed to the air. Kurov-DK is a persistent threat, and will remain on the ground or in water for several weeks before breaking down. If Kurov-DK is released, the entire area (and all vectors leading form the area) must be quarantined for at least three months.

It is not known how much Kurov-DK remains in the ex-Soviet Union. Intelligence confirms that at least 2 tons were created during the Cold War, and stored in remote areas of the nation. Given the deadly and persistent nature of the agent, it is unlikely that Kurov-DK has ever been used outside the laboratory. In the real world, its persistence and spread pattern may be much greater.

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