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".357 magnum revolver, short to medium range handgun, with high stopping power and penetration."
— In-game description

The LFP586 is a handgun featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by all GIGN Operators and Kaid.


The LFP586 is one of the strongest semi-automatic sidearms in terms of raw damage. With its 78 damage per shot, it easily outclasses most sidearms in the game. The LFP586 also possesses increased destruction capabilities like the D-50 and the Keratos .357, requiring only 6 shots to create a hole in a double-layered soft wall. However, notable disadvantages include the inability to equip any barrel attachment, high recoil kick, small ammo capacity, and a slow reload time.


  • High single shot damage
  • High destruction/penetration
  • High damage output


  • High recoil kick per shot
  • Lacks barrel attachments
  • Low ammo capacity
  • Low ammo reserve
  • Slow reload time

Weapon Attachments[]

Under Barrel



  • In the Closed Alpha of the game, the revolver was known simply as the Model 586
  • The LFP586 boasts the highest DPS among any semi automatic sidearm.
  • The LFP586 is known as the Model 586 in reality and is manufactured by Smith and Wesson
  • While the GIGN did issue the Performance Center variant of the model 586 (often designated the PC 586-7) in limited numbers, the standard issue sidearm was and still is the French made Manurhin MR73, a similar revolver also chambered in .357 with a six shot capacity.

Patch Changes[]