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Colenel Lars Beckenbauer is a former German Rainbow operative.


Lars Beckenbauer was born on a farm near Chemnitz, East Germany on August 21, 1953. In 1970, he was drafted into the East German Army where he became specialized in bomb disposal and demolitions. From 1971 to 1976, he was assigned to the East German Border Patrol. He was arrested by the GDR State Security Service (Stasi) in 1976 under suspicion of involvement in several high-profile defections. With no evidence, he was released and later discharged from the army in 1977. Beckenbauer was rumored to be a member of the "Libellen" sometime between 1977 and 1984 though German government would not confirm or deny these rumors. The Libellen was an underground group held responsible for several bombings of East German governmental offices in and around Berlin in the summer of 1981. Beckenbauer resurfaced in 1985 when he was granted asylum by West Germany after a risky crossing of the Baltic Sea in a small sailboat. In 1989, he opened his own security consulting firm, Pyrotechno GmbH. Since then, he built a reputation as Germany' s leading expert on explosives and demolitions. Beckenbauer married in 1995 and had two children.

His expertise in explosives would lead to him being recruited in Rainbow in 1996. Beckenbauer was an operative of Rainbow for many years until World War III. He joined the European Federation Enforcer Corps and became the commander to the Enforcer Battlegroup 22.

Psychological Profile[]

Beckenbauer has an encyclopedic knowledge of all types of explosive devices. Years of working with bombs have made him extremely meticulous. He never overlooks any detail of an operation and leaves nothing to chance. In his relations with the rest of the team he is liable to be somewhat cold and distant, but only because he is so completely focused on his job that he considers personal interactions to be a dangerous distraction.