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Learning Area is a playlist featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Void Edge expansion.

It consists of Situations, the Shooting Range, Tutorial Videos, and Tips. Each is meant to give players a better understanding of the game and an opportunity to test game mechanics without a multiplayer setting.


Main article: Situations

Situations are a series of eleven different tutorial missions that task players with completing various scenarios. Each Situation is played on a specific map with a specific Operator. This gives players a basic introduction to several Operators and maps. It should be noted that several Situations are played on the original versions of maps prior to their rework such as Hereford Base.

Each Situation features three specific challenges that award one star a piece once completed. For every challenge that is successfully completed, the player will earn 200 R6S-renown-icon.png.

Shooting Range[]

Main article: Shooting Range

The Shooting Range is set to be introduced in the Operation Vector Glare expansion. It allows players to test weapons by firing at targets at various ranges. All Operators and their weapons are available, even if they are not unlocked.


There are three Tutorial Videos that give additional information about Barricades, Walls, and Floors. Watching the entireity of a video will give players a one-time award of 200 R6S-renown-icon.png.


  • Place reinforcements on breakable walls to make breaching harder for Attackers.
  • As a Defender, avoid reinforcing walls between bombs.
  • As an Attacker: drone first, breach after.
  • Try weapons to find what best fits your style (CQC, mid-range, etc.)
  • Try different weapon attachments until you find what you like most.
  • It's faster to swap weapons instead of reloading in the middle of a gunfight.
  • As a Defender, avoid cutting rotations by barricading.
  • R6 Siege is a team-based effort, callouts are key. Talk and listen to your teammates.
  • In game, the compass tells you cardinal points and room's names.
  • Lean on corners to be less exposed.
  • Maps are a destructive playground, take advantage.
  • Low difficulty Operators are best to start with.
  • Equip a weapon scope and use aim down sight for better accuracy.
  • As an Attacker, keep your drones intact. They're your main Intel source.
  • Environment is destructible, keep an eye on ceilings and floors.
  • Once you're dead, you can still help by giving Intel in Support mode.
  • Scanning through cameras and drones will alert marked opponents.
  • Pings and marked opponents appear on the in-game compass.
  • As a Defender check windows and skylights; Attackers can reach them rappelling.
  • Teammates in Support mode can see through your drone. Place it wisely.
  • Leaving the building as a Defender will actively mark you for all Attackers.
  • Attackers can rappel exterior walls and get to the roof in most maps.
  • Play carefully, once dead you won't respawn until the next round.
  • Observation Tools include all camera feeds from different sources.
  • After hitting a barricade twice, you can vault through it instead of hitting it a third time.
  • As a Defender you can remove barricade, which is faster than hitting them.
  • Moving makes noise, sprinting is louder, while walking crouched is quieter.
  • Shooting floors can open lines of sight, but not navigation because of beams.
  • Don't forget to reinforce hatches to avoid being breached from above.
  • Each Operator has an exclusive primary gadget or ability that defines them.
  • Each Operator has two secondary gadgets to choose from. Secondary options are different for Attackers and Defenders.
  • All Operators, except the ones carrying a shield, equip a primary and a secondary weapon.
  • Only breakable walls can be reinforced and breached.
  • Adapt your strategies to the game mode; Bomb requires a different approach than Secure the Area or Hostage.
  • You have three stances (stand, crouch, and prone) and three ways to move (sprint, walk, and crawl while prone).