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Liu Tze Long (Chinese: 廖子朗[1]), codenamed Lesion, is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Blood Orchid expansion alongside Ying and Ela.[2]


Liu Tze Long was born in Junk Bay (Tseung Kwan O). He was raised by his father, who worked for a ship breaking company and often pulled double shifts. Liu's early years were spent working alongside his father in the stripping obsolete tankers for raw materials and parts. Growing up surrounded by hazardous materials and seeing their long-term effects on his fellow workers left Liu with an abiding respect for toxins and their effect on the human body. At 10 years old, he fell in an oil tank while scavenging an old ship and ingested a large amount of toxins while trying to break free. As the ship breaking business began to dwindle out, Liu and his father took some demolition jobs under the table. It all came to a stop when Liu's father injured his back. Liu was 19 and could not support them both with his own income. Quickly crumbling under debts, he seeked additional income by volunteering for mine clearing duties in the provinces of Yunnan and Guangxi.

After two years of defusing hazardous ammunitions, Liu's abilities and bravery caught the attention of key personnel within the Hong Kong Police Force. He then returned to Hong Kong and joined the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau. This gave Liu the opportunity to continue his chemistry and forensics-based education along with intensive on-site training. His expertise later enabled him to join the Special Duties Unit (SDU) to deal with Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear terrorist threats. Lesion's first operation was Operation Green Viper in Indonesia and Macau. He teamed up and joined forces with SAS Operators Mike "Thatcher" Baker and James "Smoke" Porter. Upon completion of the mission, the two helped celebrate Lesion's first successful mission with an extra day in Macau, filing the event as an off-duty bonus.

In 2017, Liu was formally recruited into Rainbow. His past expertise in CBRN threats made him a clear first pick during the formation of Rainbow's CBRN Threat Unit in early 2018. Liu regularly consults with Rainbow's tech experts to help Olivier "Lion" Flament and Lera "Finka" Melnikova implement better response solutions for the CBRN Threat Unit.[3]

In 2025, Rainbow learned that the private military company Sentinel was mass producing a nerve gas agent called "Amber Ruin" on the remote island of Auroa with the intention of selling it overseas to foreign militaries and terrorist groups. Seeking to stop all Amber Ruin production, identify potential buyers, and create an antidote, Liu coordinated with Scott Mitchell to conduct a joint operation with Ghost Recon called Operation Amber Sky. With Lesion acting as mission control under the callsign "R6 Actual", Eliza "Ash" Cohen, Mike "Thatcher" Baker, and Lera "Finka" Melnikova deployed to the island. The trio managed to reach the island by replacing a major buyer who was coming to purchase Amber Ruin and met up with Ghost Team Leader Anthony "Nomad" Perryman. Through their efforts, they successfully managed to complete all mission objectives.[4]

Psychological Profile[]

Fell in an oil tank while scavenging an old ship when he was 10 years old. Trying to break free, he ingested a significant amount of water seethed with toxins. Since the tank walls were ripped he managed to break free, but not unscarred. Liu is highly resilient to physical hardships. His mental strength is what set him apart from younger candidates. He was one of the 3 other recruits who were able to withstand the extended version of SAS Resistance to Interrogation Program.

N.B. Admitted having detected the tang of oily waters during intense episodes of his Resistance Interrogation training.[5]

Psychological Report[]

Specialist Liu "Lesion" Tze Long's teammates have a great deal of respect for him, despite the fact that he can often drop off the radar due to his low-key style. Liu doesn't mind that he's overlooked; in fact, when I suggested this to him it prompted a smile. While on an operation, Liu is intense and focused, and thinks quickly on his feet. In his downtime he is soft-spoken with a wonderful dry wit.

His family's poverty encouraged him to be philosophical about his childhood. Even now he prefers to keep life simple by spending his money and time on things that have purpose. Liu told me he isn't a person who rails against things beyond his control, and I know from observation that he isn't someone who counts his scars.

His childhood, frankly, sounds horrific. His health was at risk from toxic materials, not to mention the physical danger of ripping apart tonnes of steel. And yet Liu remembers his past fondly, regarding the bad moments as something he was lucky enough to survive. I wondered if his optimism was a survival mechanism to weather horrifying circumstances, but Liu was eager to put me at ease. It wasn't all bad, he said. He described how he and his father would admire the sunrise dancing across the water and take long lunch breaks to go fishing.

Liu continues to live close to where he grew up. His connection to the location is more than nostalgia. There's a sense of satisfaction in knowing what it used to be and how time has affected it. Liu says both he and Junk Bay have changed for the better, and that the future can always be shaped into something good.

As he did at the start of his career, Liu still volunteers in underprivileged areas. His expertise has contributed to the clearing of tens of thousands of mines and unexploded ordnance. In particular, he's been consulting the tech experts within Rainbow as he and operators Olivier "Lion" Flament and Lera "Finka" Melnikova look to incorporate state-of-the-art solutions into their CBRN threat unit.

- Dr. Harishva “Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Description[]

A Medium Armored Operator, Lesion comes equipped with his Gu Mines; auto-cloaking poison mines that, once triggered by physical contact, the victim will be affected by a gradual loss of health until they are downed or the needle is removed. Up to eight Gu Mines can be deployed and are gradually built throughout a round.

  • Gu Mines are throwable devices that deploy on the floor and stick to any attacker who triggers them. They have an effective radius of 1 meter.
  • The Mine will trigger on one Operator but can affect multiple Operators if they are within the Gu Mine's area of effect.
  • Because of how they function, if an Attacker attempts to destroy it with a melee attack, it will detonate anyway.
  • Gu Mines will deploy as long as they are on a flat surface. This means that Lesion can deploy them on high surfaces, such as a desk or cabinet and even windowsills, and as long as Attackers come in contact with the Mines, they will trigger.
    • Occasionally, on any given set of stairs, a Gu Mine won't properly deploy as it will get snagged on a surface or have not enough room to deploy.
  • However, when in bookshelves or obstructed surfaces, they may not trigger.
  • Mines are retrievable, even after being deployed.
  • Gu Mines have a throwing profile similar to Impact Grenades. When a mine hits a wall or a ceiling, it falls nearly directly down but with a slight bounce.
  • Getting affected by a Gu Mine causes a queasy visual distortion on the peripherals of the screen and does damage over time as the needle remains inserted in the victim's leg. They can either fight through the disorientation and take the damage, or they can follow the on-screen prompt to remove the needle from their leg, lowering their gun and leaving themselves vulnerable for a couple seconds in the process.
  • Getting stung by the needles deals no damage, but it is followed by 4 damage periodically (2 seconds). Until removed, the needle will continue to deal its periodic damage.
  • While poisoned, an Operator cannot sprint.
    • An Operator can still prone, walk, crouch, and use their ability.
  • If another Gu Mine is triggered while one is already stuck, it will only refresh the poison timer. It will not increase the poison damage nor increase the number of needles that need to be pulled out.
  • In Bomb, if the Operator carrying the Defuser is poisoned, they cannot drop or plant their Defuser until they remove the needle.
  • Hostages will trigger the mine, but will receive no further damage than the first tick.
  • When downed, the poison effect will discontinue.
  • Gu Mines are cloaked, but can still be seen as their surfaces cause slight refractions.
  • The cloak functions by mimicking the floor it is on, but it makes the Gu Mines more noticeable if deployed where the floor's pattern changes.
  • Lesion is able to see where each of his mines is deployed through a small icon above each deployed trap, but only from a 10 meter distance. He is the only one capable of seeing these icons. The icon will disappear if they're out of Lesion's range and if the mine is triggered or destroyed. Lesion also cannot see the mine icon through walls.
  • To prevent visual clutter, aiming down sights will reduce the size of the Gu Mine icons.
  • There can be a total of eight mines deployed. However, Lesion doesn't start with a full complement; he starts with one and acquires an additional one every 30 seconds thereafter. The second one can be attained in the span of the Preparation Phase.
  • Like other small, deployable gadgets, the Gu Mines will be destroyed if they are too close to any wall in the middle of reinforcement due to the collision.


  • Because of their similar functions, Lesion works very well with the rest of the Trap-orientated Operators.
  • Kapkan and his EDDs works well with Lesion's Gu Mines in terms of enemy denial and discouragement. During this setup, caution must be taken to ensure that Gu Mines will not be destroyed by the EDD when it detonates.
  • Frost can work well with Lesion, but the Gu Mines won't poison anyone who had already been caught in a Welcome Mat.
  • Ela and her Grzmot mines work very well due to the fact that her and Lesion's mines' effects do not overtake the other. This allows the possibility of an Attacker to be both disorientated and poisoned at the same time.
  • In a similar vein to her synergy to Frost, Caveira can easily interrogate those that are downed from the Gu mines, provided the opportunity.


  • Gu Mines are still susceptible to gunfire and explosives.
  • Since Lesion's Gu Mines utilize an active cloak and explosives to work, it is considered an electronic gadget and thus susceptible to the same disadvantages of other electronic gadgets, minus the ability to be seen with the naked eye.
  • Thatcher can disable the Gu Mines with his EMP Grenades for 10 seconds and will reveal the Gu Mines' position.
  • Twitch is able to destroy them with her gadget. While they still can't see them easily, a well placed Shock Dart will still destroy them.
  • IQ is the only other Operator capable of finding the Gu Mines through her Electronics Scanner.
  • Zero's Argus Camera lasers can destroy Gu Mines. However, this is impracticable since it would be very difficult to spot a cloaked Gu Mine.
  • Flores' RCE-RATERO Drones can destroy Gu Mines.
  • The latter applies to Kali's LV Lances.


  • Gu x 8
"Cloaked toxic mines injecting a compound which injures opponents and limits their speed."
— Gu Description

Gu Mines were inspired by the sharp punji sticks used during the Vietnam War. Rubbed with toxic plants or feces, the stakes served to slow down enemy troops by causing severe infections in their camp. Similarly, Gu Mines inject a toxin that injures your opponent and limits their speed. With its cloaking ability, your enemy will be forced to make quick decisions. Starting with one Gu Mine, your inventory will increase until it reaches a maximum of eight mines. Since time is on Lesion’s side, you will be able to lure your mark into desperate rushes.[2]

Device Evaluation[]

Device: Gu Mine
Operator: Specialist Liu "Lesion" Tze Long
Evaluation Lead: Specialist Liu "Lesion" Tze Long with Specialist Gustave "Doc" Kateb

As was the case with Smoke's Z8 Grenades, testing of the Gu Mines required extra precautions (checklist attached). Also, Specialist (Doc) Kateb was present to further his research in toxic substances, in particular how the Gu toxin affects the metabolism. As I told Doc, it fascinates me to see how the data supports the anecdotal stories that my father and grandfather used to tell me.

For this evaluation we focused mostly on assessing the dose-response curve and I think you'll find the results are very interesting (see attached). I should note that Doc was adamant that no animals be used in the tests and so with Specialist (Twitch) Pichon's aid, we utilized test strips along with other non- harmful testing methods (details attached).

It was a pleasure to work alongside Doc and Twitch in the lab. So maybe now that they know me better they'll realise l'm not some old cat who burns his whiskers and will stop telling me to go home when they think I'm overworked.

- Lesion


Lesion's Quotes
  • "Make no excuses for who you are. Only the weak-minded will demand you make yourself smaller."
Placing Gu
  • "All set to jam their meridian."
  • "Giving them a shot."
  • "It'll sting a lot."
  • "Just a little prick."
  • "Needles set."
  • "Needles out."
  • "Planting toxins."
  • "Prepping needles."
  • "Setting needle candy."
  • "Toxins set."
  • "Coeng4 on1 cyun4." (Cantonese: 牆安全)


  • Lesion still has a residence at a public housing estate not far from Junk Bay.
  • In his spare time, Lesion continues to volunteer for mine clearing duty.
  • A lesion is any abnormal damage or change in the tissue of an organism caused by trauma or disease.
  • Lesion has two different official Chinese translations of his codename, found in two different official sources.
  • In the official Operation Blood Orchid trailer, his codename is translated as "傷害", literally meaning "Damage".[6]
  • In an official Operation Blood Orchid article on Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege website, his codename is translated as "雷", literally meaning "Mine".[7]
  • Gu (Chinese: 蛊) is named after a venom-based poison which involved sealing various venomous creatures in a container where they devoured one another and allegedly concentrated their toxins into a single survivor.
  • Lesion's elite uniform has the writing "專利原型 233" (Patent Prototype 233) on the back. In Chinese Internet slang, "233" is a form of laughing (sounds similar to ha-ha-ha) much like "lol". His elite victory animation shows his nickname as "鴿仔" (pigeon-let).
  • The Chinese character 雷 is written on the side of the Gu mines. It could either be a reference to his codename or refer to its alternate meaning as "Mines".[8][7]
  • Lesion's date of birth was originally stated in-game as 1972, however this has since been removed.






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