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REACT Logo.png "A lot of eyes are on us this time, especially since we have poor intel."
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"Once the gateway to freedom and prosperity, the Statue of Liberty and the whole Island now belong to the Parasite."
— Description

Liberty Island is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It is set in the New York City region.


Liberty Islnd is composed of three subzones: Museum, Warehouse, and Café.


This subzone features a large outdoor area as well as the islands muesum dedicated to the Statue of Liberty.



Map Layout[]

Discovery Points[]


Location Quote Image
Northeast corner, model of Liberty Island in the middle of the room. "I'm looking at this model and trying to see a pattern in the Parasite's attack. Its either random or beyond my understanding." - Thermite Museum DP 1 Map.jpeg
Museum DP 1.jpeg
West from the extraction zone, between the airlock and the extraction (PC) "The statue weights 255 tons. It's estimated the carapace weights 2 to 3 times that" - INDEX

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Extraction2022-2-11-15-42-40 (2).jpg
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Extraction2022-2-11-15-42-24.jpg

Center of the outdoor area, the Statue of Liberty's head covered in tendrils. "I'm told it took a force equivalent to a 1.5 kiloton explosion to rip the head off. That's like a small nuke." - Ash Museum DP 2 Map.jpeg
Museum DP 2.jpeg
Smasher document on north wall of Airlock between Museum and Warehouse. "The Smasher has bio-chemistry similar to some coral polyps, creating its formidable armor." - INDEX Museum DP 3 Map.jpeg
Museum DP 3.jpeg


Location Quote Image
West side of the map near the extraction point, the blue porta-john on the outside of the building. "REACT provides secure sanitary facilities so researchers maximize time spent in the hot-zone." - INDEX Warehouse DP 1 Map.jpeg
Warehouse DP 1.jpeg
Southwest corner building, the empty picture frame on the counter in the center of the room. "The Museum was about to open an exhibit 'NYC - Liberty's Safe Harbor.' Pretty Ironic now." - Ash Warehouse DP 2 Map.jpeg
Warehouse DP 2.jpeg
Middle corridor on the east side, the blue crane between the buildings. "We averted disaster thanks to this crane truck preventing that pillar from falling. Its also a reminder that we'll be back to rebuild." - Thermite Warehouse DP 3 Map.jpeg
Warehouse DP 3.jpeg
In the Northwest warehouse building, the big statue of liberty head and torch with an archean spike in it "The carapace isn't dissolving the statue so much as absorbing it. No one understands how. Yet." - Mira Warehouse DP 4 Map.jpeg
Warehouse DP 4.jpeg


Location Quote Image
Gate at northwest section of subzones, directly west from Airlock "At the start, spikes grew at a rate of 200 square feet per minute. Now they seem to be gaining mass." - Ash Cafe DP 1 Map.jpeg
Cafe DP 1.jpeg
East outdoor area, the statue of the woman and child. "I bet the people coming over looking for hope in a new land never expected any of this to happen." - Thermite Cafe DP 2 Map.jpeg
Cafe DP 2.jpeg
Southeast corner, the baseball cap and other items on the floor. "Some survivors hid out in the freezer during the outbreak. We got to them just before the Archies showed up." - Thermite Cafe DP 3 Map.jpeg
Cafe DP 3.jpeg
Westmost room (Gift Shop), the gold Statue of Liberty replica. "One of the comms officers told me Lady Liberty souvenirs are worth a fortune now. Seems pretty ghoulish to me." - Ash Cafe DP 4 Map.jpeg
Cafe DP 4.jpeg
Liberty Island Museum ticket sign outside of northwest Airlock. "I remember coming here as a kid, excited to climb up to the Statue of Liberty crown. I'll never forget that view." - Thermite Cafe DP 8 Map.jpeg
Cafe DP 8.jpeg
Airlock between Cafe and Museum, papers sitting on counter. "Nests are like DNA libraries, organic factories, and wombs all rolled into one. Nasty but very cool." - Mira Cafe DP 5 Map.jpeg
Cafe DP 5.jpeg
Cabinet on east wall in Airlock between Cafe and Museum. "REACT scientists can use Airlock Labs like this one to acquire key data. Most of them leaving as quickly as they came in." - INDEX Cafe DP 6 Map.jpeg
Cafe DP 6.jpeg