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"People died, and I hope I can find forgiveness for it, but what I did I did to save more lives. I’d do it again. That’s doing my job."
— Lion

Olivier "Lion" Flament is an Attacking Operator in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. He was introduced in the Operation Chimera expansion alongside Finka.[3]

Lion will also be a operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine.


Olivier was born to a conservative, well-to-do family. His parents and older sister, Sophie, were in medicine and devout Catholics, but he bucked against their accomplishments and their faith. He was smart and arrogant, but he believed rebellion was a better use of his intellect. It was fun to act against expectation, to drink and party... at least it was until he got his girlfriend, Claire, pregnant.

He tried to convince Claire to get an abortion, but she refused. Once his parents found out about the pregnancy, they kicked him out of the house; it was the last straw in a string of bad behavior. Depressed, Olivier went on a drug and alcohol-fueled bender, getting trashed enough to land in the hospital. That was his wake-up call. He was 18 and nearly homeless, so he joined the French Army out of desperation. He needed purpose.

Military life was hard but rewarding. Olivier took solace in purpose and struggled to break old habits. He started sending money to Claire to support their newborn son even though she did not want to see Olivier. He became a second-level in-combat rescuer, and joined the 2nd Dragoon Regiment in their role as a CBRN reaction force. He also developed a close relationship with the regiment’s Catholic Chaplain, Bertrand, who eventually spoke to Claire and convinced her that Olivier regretted his actions. He arranged a reunion for them.

It was a hard moment for Olivier. He met his son, Alexis, the child he wanted aborted, and the reality of his decision hit him hard. He had been selfish, pushing his girlfriend to do something because it inconvenienced him. More so, Claire was about to get married and Alexis was already calling someone else 'daddy'. Everything he had done, putting his loved ones through hell, shoved him into a wild depression that almost cost him his rank. Chaplain Bertrand helped Olivier through his crisis and with it, he returned to the Catholic Church.

Olivier swore he would do everything possible to rectify the pain he had caused, so he worked harder, and sought more challenges. He qualified to join the Groupe d’intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale (GIGN) as their new biohazard expert, using drones to maintain and hold quarantine perimeters. He focused on his duty, on making things right, no matter how much it hurt him in the process. His feelings were irrelevant; what mattered was strict observation of his duty. During a Yellow Fever outbreak in Sudan, while protecting a field investigation team, his loud voice scared a frightened mob back and he gained the nickname "Lion" from the locals.

In 2015, the army asked him to lead the 2nd Dragoons to West Africa to assist medical personnel fighting the Ebola epidemic. Tragedy ensued, and the decisions Olivier made for safety reasons put him at odds with Doc, who blamed him for the death of several medical personnel on-site including Doc's colleague. The tension between the two continues to this day in Team Rainbow.

After studying his jacket, Finka recommended Olivier for Rainbow as a CBRN specialist, and Six agreed. Olivier immediately proved his value when he and Finka uncovered the source of the mysterious mist that came ashore in Sussex and poisoned people, though he claims he shares that success with Twitch, who provided him with the new aerial drone to locate the mist plume.

Olivier has managed to stay in his son’s life, but it is an awkward relationship. Alexis does not know how to call him father and Olivier is not sure what it means to be a dad in the day-to-day. He has mended bridges with his parents and sister, his return to the Catholic faith healing those wounds, and while his decision to be a soldier bothers them, he is no longer the thoughtless rebel. He is not a soldier to make life easy on his soul. He bears the weight of responsibility for what he has done even though Bertrand constantly reminds him that forgiveness is in the heart of God.[4]

Psychological Profile

Lion is a by-the-books Operator because he doesn't trust his civilian instincts. Rules give him structure and allow him to control what he considers the pettier parts of his personality. They give him a safety net when conscience or arrogance could otherwise weaken his resolve and hurt more lives. He bears the weight of responsibility for what he has done and pushes himself to the limits as a form of corporal punishment. Unfortunately, Lion is arrogant and has rubbed some people within GIGN and Rainbow the wrong way. Doc thinks he lacks the empathy necessary to help in medical crises while Lion thinks Doc's humanitarianism is a liability. Twitch is not happy about being caught in the middle of that fight. Lion's closest friend in GIGN is Montagne, but when Thatcher punched Olivier after he said the wrong thing during a training exercise, Lion almost brought the GIGN and SAS to blows.

Olivier spends most of his social time at Church volunteering when he can, or at his apartment reading and staying out of trouble while listening to the angry albums of his teenage years. [5]

Gameplay Description

A medium armored Operator, Lion comes with his EE-ONE-D, which flies up above the map to scan for enemy movement at his command. If a Defender moves during this scan, the drone will detect that movement and ping them repeatedly for Attackers to see, even through walls.

  • Lion's presence causes his EE-ONE-D drone to appear in the airspace around the map. It cannot be destroyed.
  • Lion can activate his EE-ONE-D's sonar ability three times per round.
  • The EE-ONE-D drone gives a 1.5 second warning to both Attackers and Defenders before it starts scanning.
  • The scanning process comes after the warning phase, and lasts two seconds. Any Defender who moves during this phase will be marked with several red pings, visible by all Attackers, even through walls and through drones/cameras. Ceasing movement does not stop the pinging.
  • The Drone will only detect the movements of Defenders who move from their position before the scan. Turning, changing stances, or using any gadget or weapon will not cause the Defender to be spotted.
  • However, vertical movement, such as breaking a hatch and falling through it, does get scanned by the Drone.
  • Defenders on Tachanka's Mounted LMG won't be counted as "moving" when they swivel on his turret.
  • The EE-ONE-D has a cooldown of 15 seconds between activations.


  • Lion works well with other Operators who are suited to either clearing out a room and/or discourage Roaming Defenders, one way or another.
  • Fuze's Cluster Charges can force Defenders to flee from the room he is clearing, thus allow Lion to track them. Alternatively, Lion's pings can show Fuze where the Defenders are, allowing him to place his Cluster Charges more precisely.
  • Jackal is a great partner in intimidating roamers, as the Eyenox gives Defenders the incentive to move around so that their current location won't be tracked, while Lion forces them to stay still in order to not be tracked.
  • Using Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb immediately after the EE-ONE-D scan may stop Defenders from moving for a few seconds. However, it is not recommended to use these gadgets at the same time.
  • Exothermic Operators, such as Thermite and Hibana can work well with Lion as the timing of their explosives can work well for the latter's benefit, forcing Defenders to choose whether to prevent a surface from being exposed or maintain their cover from the EE-ONE-D.
  • Lion also works well with anti-electronic Operators, such as Thatcher and Twitch, as they can destroy Signal Disruptors that would otherwise interfere with the EE-ONE-D's function.


  • Being within range of one of Mute's Signal Disruptors will disrupt the EE-ONE-D's scan for anyone within their area of effect.
  • If Lion is within the range of a Signal Disruptor, he will also be unable to activate his drone at all.
  • Vigil's ERC-7 completely immunizes him to the EE-ONE-D.



EE-ONE-D x 3

"The EE-ONE-D detects enemy movement, providing an overview of the battlefield."
— EE-ONE-D Description

The EE-ONE-D was provided to Lion by Twitch while he served with the GIGN. This aerial drone allows Lion to survey and and maintain quarantine protocols on missions. He uses it to detect movement in an area in order to determine if someone is breaking quarantine, curfew, or a perimeter. His drone can stay airborne indefinitely, but he must choose the right moment to perform his scans.[6]


Lion's Quotes
Outbreak: Sierra Paradise
  • "I don't see any signs of patrol."
  • "Target located. Charges primed."
  • "We need to be more careful from here on out."
  • "There is no chance Jäger crashed by accident, isn't there?"
  • "Speculation is pointless. We must keep moving."
  • "They must be coming from underground. Meaning we have no way to track them."
  • "We just have to keep going. That is our only option."
  • "Let's get him out of there. I don't want to lose any of our friends."
  • "I don't like winging it either, but we have to play the hand we're dealt."
  • "How do you feel?"
  • "I've never seen anything this bad."
Outbreak: Sierra Veterans Wing
  • "There are too many unknown variables at work here."
  • "We have to at least try to get Doctor Mackintosh to safety. Nothing matters more than the possibility of a cure."
  • "There's no point worrying. We'll find out soon enough if the good doctor is alive."
  • "We found the doctor. Preparing to exfiltrate."
  • "Soon you will be on the helicopter on your way to safety. Courage."
Outbreak: The Nest
  • "Another kind of hell."
  • "We'll see."
  • "Thermite located."
  • "Thermite retrieved."
  • "I'm with you on that."
  • "This place is a maze."
  • "Perimeter disabled."
  • "I can't imagine wrapping myself in steel like this poor bastard did."
  • "And now we have to deal with the mess that he left behind."
  • "Crane activated."
  • "The crane should be online."
  • "So it actually is a Cold War-era Soviet artifact. That's... something."
  • "Let's get it back to base. I can't wait to see what's inside."
  • "First round of explosives primed."
  • "Third round of explosives primed."
Outbreak: Defend Explosives
  • "Replacing explosives."
Outbreak: Jäger
  • "Jäger's bleeding out."
  • "Jäger's vulnerable."
  • "They dropped Jäger."
Outbreak: Doctor Mackintosh
  • "Find Doctor Mackintosh, now."
  • "Doctor Mackintosh is being attacked."
  • "Doctor Mackintosh is under attack."
  • "Hostiles on the doc."
  • "Stabilize the doc!"
  • "We need to help the doc, fast."
Outbreak: Explosives Defense
  • "Backup charge is in position."
  • "Charge confirmed."
  • "Charge is taking damage!"
  • "Explosives under attack."
  • "Replacing explosives!"
Outbreak: Resupplying
  • "Ammo."
  • "Grab your ammo!"
  • "I'm good to go."
  • "Just what I needed."
  • "Let's continue."
  • "Medkit here."
  • "Parfait."
  • "Okay, ready."
  • "Refill here."
  • "Refill station here."
  • "Refilling ammo!"
  • "Resupply complete."
  • "Resupply here!"
  • "That will do for now."
  • "Don't worry. I'm with you."
  • "Eye in the sky is ready to go."
  • "Hail Mary, full of Grace."
  • "I hear you."
  • "Let's take them by surprise."
  • "Trust the drone."
  • "You do your part, I'll do mine."
Activating EE-ONE-D
  • "Come on out, sheep."
  • "Come out, come out, wherever you are."
  • "Drone!"
  • "Drone active."
  • "Drone's dropping right now."
  • "Drone going out."
  • "Finding our rats."
  • "Getting us more intel."
  • "Giving you eyes on the hostiles."
  • "Launching drone."
  • "Launching tracking drone."
  • "Let's find those sheep."
  • "Sending my drone out."
  • "Setting up recon drone."
  • "Tagging the bad guys."
Scanning with EE-ONE-D
  • "Getting new eyes on the hostiles."
  • "I found a rabbit."
  • "I found one."
  • "I found us a target."
  • "I'm tagging a rabbit."
  • "I've got movement."
  • "Rabbit located."
  • "Rabbit sighted!"
  • "Tagging hostile."
  • "Target detected."
  • "Try hiding now."
Using Stun Grenade
  • "Concussion out!"
  • "Flashbang out!"
  • "Flash out."
  • "Throwing flashbang."
  • "Throwing stun grenade."
Using Claymore
  • "Claymore deployed."
  • "Claymore is ready."
  • "Claymore mine up and running."
  • "Deploying Claymore."
  • "Changing mags."
  • "I'm reloading."
  • "Loading new magazine."
  • "Reloading."
  • "Swapping mags."
  • "Aiding friendly."
  • "Applying first aid."
  • "Friendly down, cover me."
  • "Friendly injured."
  • "Let's get you patched up."
  • "You're going to be alright."
Friendly Fire
  • "Blue on blue! Don't shoot!"
  • "Cessez feu! Cease fire!"
  • "Friendly crossfire!"
Getting Hostage
  • "Hostage retrieved."
  • "We have the hostage."
Moving Hostage
  • "Follow me!"
  • "Follow me! Allez."
  • "Hurry!"
  • "Stay close."
Dropping Hostage
  • "I'll be right back. Wait for me here."
  • "Stay here, don't move. Got it?"
  • "Stay here and don't move."
  • "Stay here for just a moment."
White Masks Reloading
  • "Target is reloading!"


  • Lion and Finka's codenames were first revealed on February 1st, 2018.[7]
  • In his spare time, Lion spends most of it either at church, volunteering when he can, or at his apartment, reading and staying out of trouble while listening to the angry albums of his teenage years.[8]
  • Although the EE-ONE-D is visible on every map (situated in the middle of the sky), it is indestructible, and thus cannot be directly interacted with.
  • When activated, the EE-ONE-D will emit vibrating pulses to represent that it is actively detecting movements.
  • The vision of all players will also have a mild vibrating effect.
  • When activating the EE-ONE-D, Lion's wrist-mounted display displays the coordinates 45°30'N, 73°35'W. The coordinates correspond to the Canadian city of Montreal, where Ubisoft Montreal is located.




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