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Logan Keller is an American Rainbow operative.


Logan Keller was born on July 19th, 1973 in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1990, he entered the parish program at the age of 17. Two years later, in 1992, he joined the United States Marine Corps, 4th Division. In 1993, he transferred to Marine Force Recon, Company C. In 1997, he transferred to another special operations force, the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force) of the United States Army.

Then, in 2005, he has volunteered to join the Rainbow counter terrorism unit. He was trained at the Academy by Bishop, the main protagonist of Vegas 2 and future Deputy Director of Rainbow. It was here that he met Gabriel Nowak, another trainee and his future team member.

His first field operation was to resolve the hostage situation at the new EU station in France. Under the command of Bishop and with Nowak as a teammate, Keller performed outstandingly, eventually helping to eliminate the terrorists after the situation was compromised by Nowak. Impressed by this, Bishop eventually promoted Keller to Alpha Team Leader.

In 2010, Keller led Alpha Team in an attempt to arrest international terrorist Irena Morales. However, the team was ambushed, and Keller was incapacitated, while his teammates Nowak and Kan Akahashi were captured. After coming to and fighting his way to the extraction point, Keller was debriefed by Director Ding Chavez (Six). Although the young team leader was determined to go after Irena and recover his team, even going so far as to point out that Chavez had done the same for his sniper Dieter Weber, Six objected, and transferred Logan to Bravo Team, consisting of demolitions expert/squad support gunner Michael Walter and electronics/recon expert Jung Park. Keller led the two during the Las Vegas Terrorist attack.

Once the fact that Gabriel Nowak was a traitor acknowledged by Rainbow, Keller's mentor, Bishop, leads Park and Walter to track down Gabriel, disobeying direct orders from Six. It is unknown if the latter orders Logan to go after Bishop or if Logan disobeys too, but he leads two Rainbow teams (Charlie and Delta) to assist Bravo. The operation is a success and Gabriel is killed.

He is known to wield weapons such as the 552 Commando, the SCAR-H CQC and the MP5N.

End War Timeline[]

In 2019 he leads Team One on a mission to Pakistan to ambush Takfir's arms dealers. After six days, Keller received orders to stand down from Chavez, as the European Federation had withdrawn support. Keller's team confirmed their desire to continue with the operation, so Keller gave the order to hit the transport trucks.