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Louis Loiselle is a French Rainbow operative that appears in several installments of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Franchise.


Louis Loiselle was born in Paris, France on June 6, 1968. His father is a former commercial pilot while his mother is a clerk at a local department store in Avignon. Loiselle was a former member of the French Parachute Division and was detailed to DGSE. He later became part of action group Service 7 and was involved in tactical espionage and counter-espionage throughout Europe. In 1985, Loiselle began training DGSE recruits. In 1996, he married his wife, Elaine.

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On assignments, Loiselle is a utility player, and doesn't get shaken easily. He is a marksman with pistols and rifles, although he is experienced in all forms of counter-terrorism. He spends most of his free time reading and spending time with his wife.


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