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"We've waited too long for this. The City of Sin is going to reap its wages at last."
— Lucas Picares

Lucas Picares is the main antagonist of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas (PSP).


Lucas Picares was an associate of known terrorist Irena Morales. They concocted a plan to ultimately destroy the Nevada Dam and cripple the city of Las Vegas. In order to distract Rainbow and other law enforcement agencies, Morales and Picares orchestrated a series of attacks across Las Vegas. Picares had a bio-weapon developed at a hanger he owned which was located at a private airport owner by Morales. Unfortunately for Picares, however, Rainbow learned of him after assaulting a villa owned by Morales in search of missing Rainbow operatives Gabriel Nowak and Kan Akahashi. Through further digging, Rainbow also learned of Picares' hangar. Brian Armstrong and Shawn Rivers later arrived at the hangar in search of their comrades when they discovered the biochemical lab that was used to manufacture the bio-weapon. Picares radioed his friend William Morrison and told him that Rainbow could not be aloud to find out what they were planning as well as his intention to flee the airport. Morrison reassured Picares the situation was under control and wish his friend luck. Armstrong intercepted this transmission and made his way back to Picares' hangar with Rivers. To cover Picares's escape, Morrison posed as him and distracted Rainbow by committing suicide by injecting himself with a sample of the bio-weapon.

Picares later traveled to a water filtration plant in Las Vegas in an attempt to distribute the bio-weapon into the city's water supply through the plant's water pumps. As a contingency plan, he rigged explosives to destroy the plant in the event that the power to the pumps was cut off and sabotaged the pump overrides. With information from a computer recovered from Morrison's office building, Rainbow learned of the explosives and sent Rivers to shutdown the pumps manually. Meanwhile, Armstrong was posted at the facility's main breaker on standby to cut the power in the event that Rivers failed. While Rivers was accessing the pump control panel, Picares ambushed and shot him in the back before escaping. Despite Picares' efforts, Armstrong cut the power and stopped the release of the bioweapon. Unfortunately, Rivers was killed in the ensuing explosion.

With the failure of his secondary objective, Picares traveled to the Nevada Dam to help Irena Morales destroy it. Picares planted a nuclear device within the lower section of the Dam while Morales had planted a micro-pulse bomb and missile in the upper section of the Dam. Before the device could be detonated, however, Picares was surprised by the arrival of Armstrong. Armstrong had discovered the nuclear device and was attempting to recover the device's input controller laptop from Picares in order to defuse it. Picares and his men engaged Armstrong in one final firefight but were ultimately killed by him. Armstrong succeeded in defusing the device while Logan Keller and his team succeeded in stopping Morales by killing her and defusing the micro-pulse bomb and missile.