Лукьян Барсуков
Lukyan Barsukov
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of Russia Russian
Born 1943
Birth place Stalingrad
Family Maxim Kutkin (son-in-law)
Karina Barsukov (daughter)
Wife (deceased)
Occupation Russian criminal
Appearances Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

Russian organized crime figure. Born in Stalingrad, 1943. In and out of prison during his teens and twenties. Believed to have developed strong connections at this time to the Vory v Zakone (or "thieves-in-law") Russia's traditional criminal elite. During the 1970's Barsukov relocated his operations to Moscow where he quickly rose to prominence in the black market and protection rackets. Under perestroika his power grew further until he reaches his present position - complete control of the Moscow "authority", the most influential of the regional gangs. Has been called the "Russian Godfather". Wife is deceased. Has one daughter, Karina.

Barsukov is highly respected in Russian criminal circles. He is brutal and ruthless, but also a man of his word, and very protective of his family and his subordinates.