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"There is an expression... how do you say..."No honor among thieves." That may be true. But Maxim is...was...family. If there is no honor in family, then... there is no honor anywhere. Russia has become just like America. Today it is the money that matters - not honor, not family. Only the money"
— Lukyan Barsukov

Lukyan Barsukov is a character featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.


Lukyan Barsukov was born in Stalingrad, Russia, in 1943. He was in and out of prison during his teens and twenties. It was at this time that he developed strong connections to Russia's traditional criminal elite, Vory V Zakone ("thieves-in-law"). During the 1970's, Barsukov relocated his operations to Moscow where he quickly rose to prominence in the black market and protection rackets. Under perestroika his power grew further until he gained complete control of the most influential of the region gangs, the Moscow "Authority". This earned him the title of the "Russian Godfather". He married at some point though his wife would later die of unknown causes. He had one daughter, Karina, who married Maxim Kutkin in 1998. Over the next few years, Barsukov grew suspicious that his son-in-law was plotting to assassinate him in order to take over his empire.

Rogue Spear[]

Following an attack on a 747 in Brussels, Barsukov suspected that Kutkin and Samed Vezirzade were responsible. This led Barsukov to become an anonymous informant for Rainbow so that they could dig up information on Kutkin's activities. On November 19, 2001, he informed Rainbow that Vezirzade owned a country home in Georgia by the Black Sea. As a result, Rainbow bugged the home. Two months later, a Rainbow interdiction operation in St. Petersburg resulted in the recovery of both the plutonium and $2 million USD.

Rainbow traced the plutonium to a Russian Navy storage facility for tactical warhead near Murmansk, Russia. Led by Colonel Viktor Rudenko, Rainbow infiltrated the base and captured him. Through interrogations, Rudenko revealed that he had sold weapons-grade plutonium to Kutkin twice. Barsukov informed Rainbow that he knew of the deal but had been assured by Kutkin that it was only weapons. Despite this, Barsukov stated that he knew Kutkin to be greedy and ambitious and grew suspicious.

On February 19, 2002, Barsukov informed Rainbow that Kutkin and Vezirzade were planning to have a meeting at Vezirzade's Georgian home and that it held sensitive computer files. After securing the files, Rainbow learned of Kutkin's hidden base in Siberia. This base was being used to manufacture and eventually distribute nuclear bombs. After bugging Kutkin's private spa in Smolensk, Russia, Rainbow pinpointed the location of the base to be at an abandoned radar base near the Siberian town of Svetlogorsk. Before Rainbow undertook a mission to disable the base, Barsukov expressed his regret for not acting sooner and that he was just as much to blame for the events leading up to this as Kutken and Rudenko. He then said that he would set things right before it was too late.

During the raid on the base, Rainbow intelligence discovered Barsukov to be their anonymous informant. With Kutkin's location still unknown, Susan Holt met with Barsukov at his home for more information. Unfortunately, Kutkin had become aware of Barsukov's betrayal and had his men kidnap Barsukov and Holt. They were then taken to Kutkin's spa in Smolensk and held hostage. Before he and Holt could be executed, Rainbow was successful in rescuing them. Afterwards, Barsukov revealed Kutkin was planning to personally deliver his two remaining nuclear bombs to Vezirzade's men at a train yard in Moscow. Rainbow intercepted the deal on March 22nd and killed the man they believed to be Kutkin. Kutkin revealed himself to be alive, however, after taking control of a Ukrainian nuclear power plant on March 27. Kutkin intended to trigger a nuclear meltdown in an apparent suicide attempt but was stopped and killed by Rainbow after a series of fierce firefights.

Barsukov is granted immunity for helping Rainbow stop Vezirzade and Kutkin. He leaves Moscow with his daughter and acquires Kutkin's mansion, claiming to be done working with the mafia. He takes note of a bug Rainbow had previously planted there. He then speaks to Clark through the bug, noting how important privacy is to him before shooting the bug.

Psychological Profile[]

Barsukov is highly respected in Russian criminal circles. He is brutal and ruthless, but also a man of his word, and very protective of his family and his subordinates.