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"It's robot against robot in this all-new in-game limted-time event! Can you secure victory in M.U.T.E Tower?"
— Official Description

M.U.T.E. Protocol is a limited-time event in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that was introduced during the Operation Steel Wave expansion.

The event was announced on August 2, 2020 and launched on August 4, 2020.[1][2] However, the event was suspended on August 5, 2020, due to a bug that would make Attackers invisible and immune to damage.[3] The bug was later fixed in a subsequent update and the event was reactivated on August 10, 2020. The event ended on August 24, 2020.[4]


The event takes place in the far future on a modified version of the map Tower. The Attacker and Defenders have been fighting one another for decades and the machines have risen from the hostile battleground of Ranked. A now cyborg Mute took over the Tower before the fifth corporate war, rebranding it as M.U.T.E Tower. Now Mute has sinister plans in store so the robotic Attackers must fight to gain control.


MUTE Protocol Rules.PNG

Special Secure Area is a modified version of Secure Area. Unlike the standard gamemode, players must fight for control of two areas on the map and there is no preparation phase. Additionally, a new movement mechanic is introduced that digitizes players bodies whenever they use observation tools. The Attackers may travel by Drone and spawn wherever their drone is when they exit the drone view. Should an attacker's drone be destroyed, they will return to the spawn in Operator form. Likewise, the Defenders can teleport throughout the map through placed Bulletproof Cameras. Defenders automatically enter the network when viewing a camera and will exit from the last viewed camera.


Forty-one Operators are available for use in the mode and do not need to be unlocked in normal multiplayer order to be used. The following operators are unavailable for use in the event:


Alpha Packs[]

As with other events, M.U.T.E. Protocol features limited-time Alpha Packs containing Headgear, Uniforms, Weapon Skins, and Charm that are themed around the event. There are 26 cosmetic items in M.U.T.E. Protocol Alpha Pack collection with no duplicates awarded in packs. Packs are obtained through completing Ubisoft Club challenges or by purchase with Renown or R6 Credits. These packs are also discounted by 10% for all Season Pass owners. Cosmetics are available for: Jackal, LionYing, Kapkan, Mira, Mute, Oryx, and Vigil and are applied to each of these Operators while playing the event, even if they are not owned.


Mute Copper Automaton Headgear.PNG Mute
Oryx Brutish Cyborg Headgear.PNG Oryx
Brutish Cyborg
Vigil Durable Droid Headgear.PNG Vigil
Durable Droid
Kapkan Cybernetic Drone Headgear.PNG Kapkan
Cybernetic Drone
Mira Artificial Host Headgear.PNG Mira
Artificial Host
Jackal Modular Mind Headgear.PNG Jackal
Modular Mind
Lion Golden Construct Headgear.PNG Lion
Golden Construct
Ying Robot Antenna Headgear.PNG Ying
Robot Antenna


Mute Padded Chassis Uniform.PNG Mute
Padded Chassis
Oryx Bolted Frame Uniform.PNG Oryx
Bolted Frame
Vigil Carbon Copy Uniform.PNG Vigil
Carbon Copy
Kapkan Manufacture Suit Uniform.PNG Kapkan
Manufacture Suit
Mira Alloy Aspect Uniform.PNG Mira
Alloy Aspect
Jackal Insulated Body Uniform.PNG Jackal
Insulated Body
Lion Primary Unit Uniform.PNG Lion
Primary Unit
Ying Chrome Person Uniform.PNG Ying
Chrome Person

Weapons Skins[]

Particle Robotics Seasonal Skin.PNG Seasonal
Particle Robotics
Hammered Rod M590A1 Skin.PNG M590A1
Hammered Rod
Diode Connector 9x19VSN Skin.PNG 9x19VSN
Diode Connector
Tempered Steel Vector 45 ACP Skin.PNG Vector .45 ACP
Tempered Steel
Welded Nickel K1A Skin.PNG K1A
Welded Nickel
Metallurgy Luster V308 Skin.PNG V308
Metallurgy Luster
Forged Turret C7E Skin.PNG C7E
Forged Turret
Composite Receiver MP5 Skin.png MP5
Composite Receiver
Controller Groove SIX12 Skin.PNG SIX12
Controller Groove


Retro Toy Bot Charm.PNG Retro Toy Bot

Android Bundles[]

Unlike past events, player may purchase event cosmetics in bundles for each Operator. Bundles cost 1680 R6S-credits-icon.png apiece.

Mute Android Bundle.PNG
  • Mute Automaton Headgear
  • Mute Padded Chassis Uniform
  • M590A1 Hammered Rod Weapon Skin
Oryx Android Bundle.PNG
  • Oryx Brutish Cyborg Headgear
  • Oryx Bolted Frame Uniform
  • MP5 Composite Receiver Weapon Skin
Mira Android Bundle.PNG
Ying Android Bundle.PNG
  • Ying
    Robot Antenna Headgear
  • Ying
    Chrome Person Uniform
  • SIX12
    Controller Groove Weapon Skin
Lion Android Bundle.PNG
  • Lion Golden Construct Headgear
  • Lion Primary Unit Uniform
  • V308 Metallurgy Luster Weapon Skin
Vigil Android Bundle.PNG
  • Vigil Durable Droid Headgear
  • Vigil Carbon Copy Uniform
  • K1A Welded Nickel Weapon Skin
Jackal Android Bundle.PNG
  • Jackal Modular Mind Headgear
  • Jackal Insulated Body Uniform
  • C7E Forged Turret Weapon Skin
Kapkan Android Bundle.PNG
  • Kapkan Cybernetic Drone Headgear
  • Kapkan Manufacture Suit Uniform
  • 9x19VSN Diode Connector Weapon Skin

Ubisoft Club Challenges[]

Image Name Description Reward
Drone Destroyer Challenge.PNG Drone Destroyer Challenge Become the ultimate destroyer with the Ubisoft Club Challenge. Destroy 15 drones as a Defender in the M.U.T.E. Protocol playlist to obtain the Marching Neon charm. Marching Neon Charm
150 XP
Domination Challenge Icon.PNG Domination Challenge Show the other team who’s boss with the Ubisoft Club Challenge. Get 20 kills in the M.U.T.E. Protocol playlist to obtain the Trigger Tracker charm Trigger Tracker Charm
150 XP
M.U.T.E. Victory Challenge Icon.PNG M.U.T.E. Victory Challenge Take a chance at victory with the Ubisoft Club Challenge. Win a match in the M.UT.E. Protocol playlist to earn a M.U.T.E. Protocol Pack. M.U.T.E. Protocol Alpha Pack
150 XP


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