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"Fragmentation grenade that explodes shortly after the pin is pulled."
— In-game description

The Frag Grenade is a gadget featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


The Frag Grenade is an explosive grenade that detonates on a fuse and deals lethal damage.

Within its effective range, Frag Grenades do 142 points of damage to Light Armored Operators, 120 to Medium Armored Operators, and 105 to Heavy Armored Operators. The Frag Grenade nearly guarantees killing any Operators instantly when in close proximity. An Operator wearing Rook's Armor Plates, however, will only be downed, consistent with all weapons and gadgets against it. Frag Grenades kill indiscriminately, meaning that friendly fire is an issue. A single bad rebound can severely injure or kill other Attackers, or even the Hostage. Like other throwable gadgets, getting hit directly by the Frag Grenade no longer deals 5 points of damage.

Since Frag Grenades explode on a fuse, it can be a good idea to "cook" a grenade in order to cut the enemy's chances of escaping its explosion. When activated, the Attacker has a 4 second time period to throw the grenade. If not thrown after 3.5 seconds from activating it, the grenade will explode in their hand, killing them and damaging nearby players. The reticle flashes while cooking the grenade to help with timing. One second after pulling the safety, the reticle will flash for four times every third of a second, then turn to quicker flashes one per every sixth of a second. Cooking can be cancelled by switching to a weapon.

Aside from killing, Frag Grenades are also important and effective tools for clearing bulletproof gadgets such as Deployable Shields, Barbed Wires, Maestro's Evil Eyes and Melusi's Banshees.

Since its explosion can tear through destructible objects much like its alternatives, Frag Grenades possess the ability to breach soft surfaces. Frag Grenades can effectively breach hatches. Breaching walls however, will be more of a challenge, as the Frag Grenade's bouncy and fuse-detonated nature makes it difficult to consistently create big or high enough holes for operators to efficiently pass through.

A threat indicator is shown if a live grenade is thrown near a player, which indicates the position of the grenade and the amount of damage it will deal. If the color of the threat indicator is red, you will die when the grenade explodes; if the indicator is white, you will receive minimal damage. If the player escapes the explosion range, the threat indicator will disappear and no damage will be done to them.

The Frag Grenade will still continue to cook and proceed to detonate even after an Operator holding it has died. In this case, no threat indicator will be shown.


  • When active, Jäger's Active Defense Systems will destroy Frag Grenades that enter its range. It will then be disabled for 10 seconds before being able to destroy another projectile.
  • If a Frag Grenade enters the range of one of Wamai's Mag-NETs, its fuse timer will be reset and the grenade will be pulled away from its original trajectory to detonate at the location of the Mag-NET.
  • When active, Aruni's Surya Gates will destroy Frag Grenades that come in contact with its lasers. The Surya Gate will then be disabled for 30 seconds before it can be manually reactivated.
  • Ballistic Shields used by Clash, Montagne, Blitz, and Fuze will absorb 66% of the damage dealt by a Frag Grenade if it explodes directly in front of them. This applies to all operators standing behind the shield.
  • The explosion from a Frag Grenade will knock back a Shield Operator's shield, leaving them vulnerable for a couple seconds.
  • Bullets do not interact with Frag Grenades.


  • Frag Grenades form a great synergy with Stun Grenades. When a Jäger or Wamai is present, it is a good idea to let a friendly Attacker use their Stun Grenades to burn up potential Active Defense Systems and Mag-NETs to clear way for the Frag Grenade.
  • Use an uncooked Frag Grenade to force an enemy out of an area or prevent them from peeking an angle.
  • If cooked well, a Frag Grenade can be used to take out gadget and enemy players safely from below.
  • Take advantage of Twitch's Shock Drones or Thatcher's EMP Grenades to destory/disable Active Defense Systems and Mag-NETs that otherwise cannot be seen from the Operators' point of view.
  • Use IQ's Electronic Detector to spot and shoot Active Defense Systems and Mag-NETs through surfaces to assist the Frag Grenade user.





  • Contrary to popular belief and its realistic counterpart, the Frag Grenade explodes about 4 seconds after triggering and about 3.5 seconds after the pin is removed.
  • Frag Grenades don't have damage drop off for allies.
  • Frag Grenades do not have a smooth surface, they have bumps.(When the grenade explodes the bumps turn into projectiles calling it "fragments of a grenade".
  • Prior to Operation Para Bellum, a Grenade Throwback mechanic was present, meaning an Operator could pick up a thrown grenade and throw it back. Any damage inflicted by a thrown-back grenade would be credited to the player that last held the grenade. This mechanic has since been removed.

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