Magic Latern was an independent video game developer. The studio produced a robust Computer Based Trainer called "ShowTech". It featured an engaging rotational global menu, which allowed students to easily navigate to any lesson. Students would "register" with their user name and then would be awarded points based on their scores during the testing phase following each module.

Numerous real-world technical advisors were featured in video interviews throughout the program who provided insight to law enforcement and military tactical operations. With the success of the product, Magic Latern was able to secure the rights to the source code to Rainbow Six. Unfortunately, the concept of using computer simulation in a desk-top trainer to enhance cognitive skills development was ahead of its time, and the partners ultimately were unable to secure funding to continue the project. Zombie Studios and Red Storm Entertainment would go on transform the simulator into the Covert Ops Essentials expansion for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

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