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"We can't wait for the daycare to open and have Maho close... AND so many babysitters!"

Maho Estrada is a character mentioned in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. She is the daughter of Rainbow Operators Jack "Pulse" Estrada and Yumiko "Hibana" Imagawa.


Maho was concieved following the outbreak of the Chimera Parasite in 2018. With the formation of REACT, the organization convinced her parents to join by allowing Maho to be brought aboard the PIONEER.

To mitigate separation anxiety, REACT psychologists enacted a pilot project to accommodate family units aboard the PIONEER. This along with the efforts of her mother to be closer to her daughter resulted in the creation of a daycare aboard the vessel. At the request of REACT psychologists, her parents have regular extended visits with Maho while not on missions.


  • Maho only exists in the Extraction timeline which diverged with the main timeline with the Outbreak event. This was a result of Pulse and Hibana having a different relationship from their main counterparts due to the existential threat of the Parasite.[1]

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