Marseilles is the twelfth mission in the PC version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown. Its console counterpart is Operation Lowlife.


Onsite Coordinator: John Clark
Nicolai Yazhov, former KGB and member of the October Resistance, contacted Rainbow. Yazhov claims to have information about the theft of Legion from LNR Anderson. Yazhov also believes October Resistance is planning a major terrorist attack soon. Yazhov is in Marseilles, France and requesting extraction.


It looks like we caught a break on who stole Legion. A former KBG agent Nicolai Yazhov claims to have the information that we need. He says he knows who's been supplying his terrorist organization, the October Resistance and others with the virus weapons that you've encountered. In addition, Yazhov knows of an upcoming terrorist attack that he claims could change the world forever. He's afraid for his life and is requesting extraction out of Marseilles in exchange for the information he carries. Your orders are to locate extract Yazhov. Chavez, you and Price are going in on this one. Six out.

- John Clark


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