Maxim Kutkin is a Russian Mafia crime boss and the main antagonists of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.


Maxim Kutkin was born in Tula, Russia in 1969. He served in the Soviet Army in Afghanistan from 1987 to 1989. It was during this time that he established with drug smugglers from the southern republics. He was discharged from the service in 1990 and became connected to drug and smuggling operations. He abruptly gained additional power in 1998 after marrying Karina Barsukov, daughter of Lukyan Barsukov, the "Russian Godfather". Over the next few years, Kutkin plotted to eventually assassinate his father-in-law and take control of his empire.

Rogue Spear

Sometime in 2001, Kutkin illegally purchased weapons-grade plutonium from Colonel Viktor Rudenko of the Russian military. He then lied to Barsukov about the deal, claiming that he had only purchased weapons. Kutkin proceeded to sell the plutonium to terrorists and forced ex-Soviet scientists to start manufacturing nuclear bombs at a hidden base in Siberia. One such deal involved Kutkin brokering a deal with Samed Vezirzade to purchase the plutonium for $2 million. Following an attack on a 747 in Brussels, Barsukov grew suspicious that Kutkin and Vezirzade were responsible. This led Barsukov to become an anonymous informant to Rainbow. On November 19, 2001, he informed Rainbow that Vezirzade owned a country home in Georgia by the Black Sea. As a result, Rainbow bugged the home. Two months later, a Rainbow interdiction operation in St. Petersburg resulted in the recovery of both the plutonium and $2 million dollars.

On February 19, 2002, Barsukov informed Rainbow that Kutkin and Vezirzade were planning to have a meeting at Vezirzade's Georgian home and that it held sensitive computer files. After securing the files, Rainbow learned of Kutkin's hidden base in Siberia. In order to locate the base, Rainbow infiltrated Kutkin's private spa, Elnya in the countryside near Smolensk. The raid revealed the location of the base to be an abandoned radar station near the Siberian town of Svetlogorsk. On March 3rd, Rainbow raided the base and successfully destroyed it. It was at this time, however, that Kutkin kidnapped Barsukov along with Susan Holt who had been trying to contact Barsukov. He then held them hostage at his private spa. Despite opposition from Kutkin's forces, Rainbow was able to rescue the pair without trouble.

Records taken from the Siberian base revealed that Kutkin currently had two portable nuclear devices in his possession and that they had already been transported west. Barsukov believed that Kutkin was personally delivering his two remaining nuclear bombs to Vezirzade's men at a train yard at Moscow. Rainbow intercepted the deal on March 22nd and killed the man they believed to be Kutkin. In reality, however, this was one of Kutkin's lieutenants. With his plans to distribute nuclear weapons failed, Kutkin took control of a Ukrainian nuclear power plant five days later, intending to trigger a nuclear meltdown. He knew he was about to die and intended to take as many people with him as possible, waiting for Rainbow to come to stop him so he could kill them as revenge for shutting down his operations. However, Rainbow was able to take back the power plant, killing Kutkin and his followers. This time Kutkin's death was confirmed.


With Maxim's dead and his plans foiled by Rainbow, his elder brother Igor Kutkin sought to take revenge for his brother. By orchestrating a series of terrorist attacks, Igor threatened the world again by developing an ICBM with the intention to launch it at Rainbow Headquarters in Hereford, England.

Psychological Profile

Kutkin is ambitious and arrogant - a natural gambler. He has a famous temper and is particularly sensitive to real or perceived slights of his importance in the Russian criminal world. He has a strong sadistic streak, as well as a reputation for excessive acts of retribution.


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