Maxim Kutkin is a Russian Mafia crime boss and one of the main antagonists in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear. Russian organized crime figure. Born in Tula, 1969. Served with the Soviet Army in Afghanistan 1987-88. Believed to have established connections at that time with drug smugglers from the southern republics. Since his discharge in 1990 has been connected to both drug and weapons smuggling operations. Abruptly gained additional power in 1998 when he married Karina Barsukov, the daughter of Lukyan Barsukov, the "Russian Godfather".

Kutkin is ambitious and arrogant - a natural gambler. He has a famous temper and is particularly sensitive to real or perceived slights of his importance in the Russian criminal world. He has a strong sadistic streak, as well as a reputation for excessive acts of retribution.


Kutkin illegally bought weapons off Viktor Rudenko of the Russian military and sold them to terrorists. Most notably, he bought weapons-grade plutonium and used them to manufacture nuclear bombs at a hidden base in Siberia, intending to sell them to Samed Vezirzade. He also planned to kill his father in law, Lukyan Barsukov, eventually holding him and Susan Holt at his spa after his base was destroyed, from which they were rescued by Rainbow.

Barsukov believed that Kutkin was personally delivering his two remaining nuclear bombs to Vezirzade's men at a train yard at Moscow, however, it was really one of his lieutenants, who was killed. With his plans to distribute nuclear weapons failed, Kutkin took control of a nuclear power plant in the Ukraine, intending to trigger a nuclear meltdown. He knew he was about to die and intended to take as many people with him as possible, waiting for Rainbow to come to stop him so he could kill them as revenge for shutting down his operations. However, Rainbow was able to take back the power plant, killing Kutkin and his followers. This time Kutkin's death was confirmed.